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Making James Cameron's Avatar 2 looks like hell




The first thing I did in ninth grade was to sign up for water polo, hoping to establish a fitness program and meet up with some top friends. The plan was a disaster! A spectacular combination of swimming and face-to-face, water-based training involves miles of laps at 5:30 a.m. and endless surfing. Fortunately, I spent only one seminar holding five liters of cool pots over my head as I was kicking my favorite life.

The latest background image from a set of Avatar 2, when Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington, Kate Winslet, and Cliff Curtis swam in the big pool while wearing their engagement suits, bringing back all the memories. Swimming, stepping, and who does? The only reason he was not brought into the equal ball and worried was the look of the foam bone.

Immediately after 2008 An avatar became the fastest-growing movie ever (the record was finally dropped in 2019 by Avengers: Endgame), Director James Cameron should highlight his next idea. The original movie follows striker Jake Sully and his outdoor partner Neytiri through the Pandora jungle. Following was designed to explore the oceans and life under the surface. Cameron's entire career – from In the abyss in order Titanic in a number of literary projects that immerse his cameras thousands of feet below the sea – he's taken his love for deep exploration, and An avatar

sequels (now four, scheduled for 2021, 2023, 2025, and 2027) promise to further that passion. According to a tweet accompanying the new image, most of the sequel's performance photography took place in this 900,000-gallon tank, which was built specifically for Cameron's production.

In 2017, taking the lead in production, Cameron he spoke no doubt about the complexity of his bank-shooting style. "We did a great test," he said. “We have six teenagers and a seven-year-old, and they all play underwater. We've been training for six months now, how to hold their breath, and they're all in the range of two to four minutes. They all have the ability to operate underwater, in a calm manner while holding their breath. We're not doing anything to this scuba. And we get really good data, good character movement and good acting performance. We basically decoded the code. "

That sounds bothers me, and I only read it.

Earlier this month, the official Avatar Twitter account paid for another set of behind-the-scenes photos from Avatar 2 shot, which showed a slightly lighter side to the recording.

players in the avatar water tank 2 with james cameron barking orders over

Photo: 20th Century Studios

james cameron instructs swimmers wearing noodles in a large water tank with avatar 2

Photo: 20th Century Studios

The tweet also provided an explanation as to why Saldana, Worthington, Winslet, and Curtis were surrounded by white balls while falling into the water. In water, the friction of air and fluid can create the illusion that creates the false marking of motion-Capture cameras to detect. Adding a layer of balls to the top of his firing tank prevents light from creating havoc, while also allowing actors to, you know, get in the face and breathe and survive. In his 2017 interview, Cameron called the solution "a little bit like an anti-aircraft missile to confuse the missile radar system." It's fun!

It's all about Avatar 2 reminiscent of Cameron's late work & # 39; & # 39; In the abyss, he also used the original version of the ball system to cut down to show. On the left, the movie is a famous story about being one of the most bizarre wars in Hollywood history. Starring Ed Harris almost drowned. He did Cameron himself.

Avatar 2 It seems to be very safe, very technologically advanced In the abyss. Elsewhere, Saldana, Worthington, Winslet, and Curtis are all smiles. And Cameron has a record of surviving these criminals who set themselves up to do real miracles – though it's strange to think that we get four Avatar votes, it's worth the gamble.

But the director wants authenticity from his aliens who are 10 feet tall, and take it from me, poolside noodles can only do so much. Especially if your water team coaches beat you with it. It's not cool, guys.


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