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Meet the Newest Members of the Quote Group (2020 Edition)




Image of the article Meet the Newest Members of the iKotaku / i Team (2020 Edition)

In 2012, my second month running Kotaku, Me the students were introduced to four new employees (and a new executive editor) who will continue to do great things for the site. After eight years, I would like you to meet with five new members of our team.

I present them at a very different time KotakuHistory, a time when we have seen an unprecedented number of employees step out into a new place. They are there he explained their reasons in a series of farewell posts, and while enjoying myself as they move on to great new things, I've seen and heard many of you wondering what's next Kotaku.

Part of what follows is a great opportunity for new members of our team. Since February, we have been welcoming some new writers and editors to full-time staff. Others contributed Kotaku years as freelancers. Some will be new to you. They are all part of an amazing team that I hope they can and will do great things here. I realized it's time for you all to get to know them better.

Alexandra Hall is our new staff editor. She joins us after the free planning and, in just a few weeks, has masterfully crafted the framework into a very positive shape. He also tweaks some of the most intriguing classic and hideous information, and that's the reason Ninja Five-O It's on our list best GBA games. Here is Alexandra:

I have been out for a long time. The hand-held Atari 400 sparked my interest in video games, and the subsequent NES closed the deal. In part, games helped me escape the insecurities of being a kid in a locked-in closet days before the Internet got public. On my first trip to college I played Quakeworld and Neo Geo Pocket instead of going to class, leading to multiple Fs and one job offer in California. It keeps the roll, it's nailed.

So yes, I've been covering games since Dreamcasts roamed between us. But much of my work has been in the old guard, the kind of monolithic literature, and when light has passed I am tired of their MOO. I wanted to do a job that understood more than just free sales for publishers. I couldn't find it, so I left the game plan.

To hear about KotakuThe opening has rekindled old joy. I have always admired the women's politics of this site, the various voices, the unseen Pocky reviews, and the willingness to speak truth and power. At best, KotakuReporting promotes genuine, positive change in the sector. I'm really excited to have a hand in that going forward, and help improve our promising writers' space. Shout out The doctrine of the dragon!

Ari Notis beginning earlier this year as our first full-time writer and advisor. He is not here to publish tips and tricks, as you will see. And he has already settled my heart with a heart. Here's Ari:

I'm Ari, a journalist based in NYC. I started there Ask and worked on various other Hearst books before becoming a reunion editor Better Health. I've been using it for the last seven years and always send different email Kotaku

staff, looking for an opportunity to write fun stories about cool video games. In January, Stephen finally resigned and hired me, and perhaps he shut me out. Maybe read my articles a few months ago. I focus a lot on service journalists.

In a broad sense, that means wisdom that helps improve a student's life in a tangible way – a clean trick here, a little tip there. Partners e Lifehacker they are the masters of the form. I'd like to have a slice of that pie Kotaku the table. Featured in gaming, that could mean PSAs for new stories, great game tips, or tricks to beat a difficult boss. Sometimes I handle regular quarters: say, to fix How PSNow and Game Pass downloads work, either a guide to the plan about protecting your back while playing. Of course, I'm only human, which means another time, on very rare timesAs if we were serious, it is rareI will Use this large court in order the wind mine various frustrations about Crossing the Animals: New Horizons.

If my writing helps you in any way, I've done my job. If it solves a problem you didn't even know you had, I did my job well. Have a question about gaming (or health)? Connect with me on On Twitter. Send me email. Let me in Animal Crossing (as a repository). I will do my best to find your answer.

Ash Parrish Join us as our new staff writer. Her sharp, insightful writing first attracted my attention a few years ago when blogging Minecraft, Inter alia. I'm so glad we finally got him on the team. Here's Ash:

My name is Ash and I have been a freelance writer who covers all kinds of toys from Minecraft to Overwatch League for the last four years. I started writing when I was 16, writing fiction stories about my little sister and Inuyasha crossover fanfiction I've been writing some kind of fiction for the last 16 years.

One day I decided that the life of the drone's office was not mine and that I would pursue writing as my full-time correspondent. All I had at the time was a blog and an AO3 account and somehow that was enough for my first editor to take a chance on me.

My goal there Kotaku to increase the discourse of black, black, and black players. There is a power that motivates me to continue writing in a field that can, at times, have great difficulty for people like me: "You can't be what you can't see." It means matters of representation. Reveal the various representations of gamers and their stories KotakuGreat audiences give many people a chance to see what is being done and what is possible, to see what they can be.

If you want to hear me scream about my favorite Overwatch League team or just want to hear me cry a lot, give the following via Twitter & # 39; here.

Earlier this year, Ian Walker we have changed from covering ourselves to working as a staff writer. He is a former Compete Provider, so think about the site he lives on. No pressure, friend. Here's Ian:

I am Ian Walker, who called himself Bad Boy of Kotaku. I play video games. Hi there!

I was a freelance writer and almost 10 years old. I have worked extensively on Operation until I landed a gig on, which was a great place to find news about martial arts gaming communities. Eventually I became ShoryukenThe title of a king, a title I never want again as long as I live. When I quit, I continued to write in similar places Paste, Polygon, again Pin Games (previously The way). As usual, this was reinforced by the strings as a salesman. I prefer to write. I write on my dining room table. Maybe this job will eventually give me the opportunity to buy a real desk?

I've written mine first Kotaku piece in 2016, when EIC Stephen Totilo wants something about how it is full Street Fighter V been introduced. I was surprised that you chose me to write that, as our previous record contained Stephen recording me on Twitter about how bad his fgc website was. I'm not allowed to recommend careless editors to get the job done, but in this case, thank you manager!

The only reason I gave Stephen a good all those years ago – well, besides me being an instrument – was because I was KotakuSignificance. This is not a place to stimulate press releases or take marketing departments at their word. Kotaku All independent newspapers should be: objections, fearless, and clear. Don't get me wrong, I don't think I'm changing the world if I do it responds with sarcasm to Google's higher endorsements of Stadia either in shaky condition that the Capcom Cup has been cut, but I think the video game industry can do with a good dose of skepticism. Also Kotaku a great place to do that.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go ask a few raccoons for the price of a turnip.

Zack Zwiezen was discovered by Patricia Hernandez many years ago and made a fun play with us that earned her a gig playing at the weekend, which has recently increased its full participation. His take Kotaku chances are, you spend a lot of time the strange Pokémon catalog. Here's Zack:

I'm not new here. In fact, I've been writing this site for free since August August 2016. If you consider that to be "being here" I've been here longer than half the staff is there. So I don't feel new. But now I'm a full-time writer Kotaku, hello! Let me introduce myself correctly.

Before Kotaku I wrote for similar sites Kill Screen and GameCritics. As mentioned, I wrote for my first blog Kotaku back in 2016. Since then I've been covering Gta Online and other Rockstar games every month. Last year I became a weekend organizer around these parts. And now, none of this is changing. If you like my weekends, don't worry, I'm still a weekend planner. If you like mine GTA covered, I will continue to cover that game until Rockstar closes it in 2028 or whatever.

So what changes? Not much. I'm yet to write weird stuff, rissue new energy drinks and the taste of soda, use the weekly & # 39; Shop Contest & # 39; But now I can write More Strange stuff, cover More GTA and It's red stories, and appear more often Kotaku. I will be very much in the comments, too. However, I can't wait… to continue doing what I was doing. But with insurance! Oh and follow me on Twitter! I still use that bad site, because why not!

In 2012, I wrote:Kotaku in 2012 he will inform, excite you, and hurt you from time to time. If we do our jobs as publishers, authors, videos, reviewers and opinionated artists instead, we will surprise you. ”

By 2020, the goal is the same.


Since I had my first console when I was 10, I've never stopped playing. I'm a multiplatform player and my favorite genre is RPG.

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