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More than 50,000 people have been banned from Call of Duty: Warzone




Call of Duty: Warzone the latest franchise program in battle, and the fast-paced fight makes it more fun. However, the game only works if everyone is playing in the same world, and chefs are a constant problem that developers have to deal with. Infinity Ward released the post today, stating that it has banned over 50,000 cheats since its launch Warzone on March 10.

Infinity Ward briefly explained the plans he uses to detect and prevent fraudulent cooks and suppliers, but the record is rarely mentioned in public. Developers often keep their anti-counterfeit methods in the dark in order to keep the methods they use to identify and prevent secret brewers, thereby preventing the arms race between developers and developers. Post read:

Our security teams monitor 24/7 to investigate data and identify potential actions.

· Teams look at all the cheats and hacks, this includes identifying the use of aimbots, wallhacks and more.

We are working to improve our game plan to report possible cheating. Plans are underway to deliver the UI seamless reporting experience.

· For all reports received from an online game, they are both analyzed and filtered based on important data.

• Once the investigation is complete, we will continue to work as soon as possible to prevent it.

Infinity Ward will keep updated number of blocked accounts on it Warzone, giving other players a clear overview of the current state of their efforts to combat fraud.


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