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New Horizons Has Endless Intelligence




Illustrations by article entitled Animal Crossing: The New Horizons / The Endless Item of It

Screen: Nintendo

Have you spent the entire weekend carefully growing, picking fruit, and cutting down wood to make money Crossing the Animals: New Horizons how was Tom Nook intended? If so, you are a worthy and respected citizen. Unlike those people who have discovered a new glitch that allows you to gain thousands of pounds in just minutes.

As set by GameXplain at video over the weekend, New Horizons it has a gloning glitch that allows you to duplicate anything you can put on top of something. For example, you can change the Nintendo switch buttons yourself as a gift early in the game. or the Royal Crown that is sold occasionally from an Able Sista store.

The glitch requires two players but it is one easy way to do it. First you need to call the second player in your game. After that you need to place something you want to double on top of a cardboard box or other piece of furniture that can hold things. Finally, have the second player move around the piece of furniture the item is in while pressing Y to download it. If all goes well, you'll have duplicate item in your inbox while the original is out. You now have two. And then three. And then as many as possible. Each shift runs through several thousand. The Royal Crowns go much further. Before you know it you will be Scrooge McDucking with the Bells theater.

If you feel like a real entrepreneur, you don't even need anyone else to help you. It took me a few minutes to create a second character in my game, invite them to my own island, and control both characters using a different Joy-Con to pull myself out.

Of course, the principles of this rags-to-rich scheme are many other issues. Animal Crossing games are about taking your time, finding joy in the little things, and letting new discoveries become your reward. Travels from break to Warren Buffet in an hour It certainly fights with this determined "friends we made way for," but each player will have to make his own soul. Again, these are uncertain times and I have received some bills to pay.

And may Nintendo catch this abuse soon and save it for all of us.


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