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New Horizons in Japan, Get Fierce Recommendation




Articles entitled Play Play Animal Crossing: New Horizons / i in Japanese, Get Fierce Recommendation

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Anyone who speaks Japanese and spends time in the country has heard that: nihongo ga ojouzu ("Your Japanese is good"). Or Animal Crossing it is not safe from this inevitable and terrible compliment.

That is exactly what is happening Crossing the Animals: New Horizons if you play the game in Japanese. Below is a screenshot from a North American actor:

The relevant inscription reads, “Ah, you live in North America! Your Japanese is so cute that I thought you lived in Japan! ”(Note that even for those players in Japan, the following is recommended:" Ah, you live in Japan! That's why your Japan is so beautiful! ")

Now what's the deal? This is a good thing to say Animal Crossing

to say, no? Let me explain. No, actually, let YouTuber Dogen explain:

The reason that the perfectionist is ultimately laid off. Once you speak better (well, like Dogen's jokes, at least as good as the first grader), you won't be told that your Japanese is a jouzu (good).

Among non-Japanese, getting jouzu compliments has become a temporary thing and is referred to as jouzu & # 39; ed or ojouzu & # 39; ed. The nihongo-ga-ojouzu gloss seems to have been given almost anything to say in Japanese. Meaning a basic greeting, you will receive a jouzu. Open your mouth patiently, smile or shake your head and you may be pleased. Honestly, a compliment doesn't mean your Japanese is right. There is a difference, depending on the person and the purpose, and often, it can be just a pointless or small talk with no intention of worrying. But if someone tells you that your Japanese is good, treat it with a grain of salt.

Instead, say something very complicated and involved (or you have enough pronunciation), and you'll find the question of staying here. If it's a long time, you'll definitely find, "Oh that's why (you speak fluent Japanese.)"

There are a number of bulletin boards on how to manage nihongo ga ojouzu (here, here and here, for example), because these The talks can feel like Pavlovian answers. Hear a foreigner saying something – anything – in Japanese, saying “jouzu. "

Japanese people tend to decline recommendations, so being impartial to someone, even though being carried on the show can be difficult and frightening, is best (and with the utmost respect) to respond with humility, humor, and warmth.

Remember, most people are not trying to be humble, so jyou have to make sure to handle the jouzu situation.

In case you missed it, you can learn KotakuS Crossing the Animals: New Horizons to review here.


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