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Nintendo Account and NNID hacks certified by Nintendo



Nintendo has disabled access to a Nintendo account using the Nintendo Network ID (NNID) after nearly 160,000 accounts were compromised by unauthorized parties. Nintendo's statement, originally published in Japanese, claims that the NNIDs ID and password details have been "illegally obtained from outside our service" since the beginning of April.

Nicknames, birthdate, country / region, email address, and gender associated with NNIDs and Nintendo accounts claiming to have been compromised as part of the violation may have been disclosed, warns Nintendo. Some accounts may have been used for fraudulent purchases, including large amounts FortniteIn-game revenue, V-Bucks, according to reports from affected users.

Nintendo says it will reset the passwords of the affected accounts, and that users will be notified by email. The company recommends allowing two-factor authentication for your Nintendo Account, as well as using different NNID and Nintendo Account passwords.

The NNID program dates back to the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U era, and that account can be linked to the Nintendo Account system, launched in 2017 before the launch of the Nintendo switch.

On Tuesday, Nintendo said they were investigating reports of a Nintendo switchch account violation.

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