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Nintendo Verifies Network ID Entry




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Picture: Nintendo

Nintendo confirmed you it is possible that as many of Nintendo's 160,000 accounts were broken illegally earlier this month.

In accordance with Kyoto-based game developer, Nintendo Account violations are connected to users with Nintendo Network IDs. Starting today, the company has disabled the NNID login function and reset the passwords of those affected accounts. Nintendo asks users to turn on two-factor authentication to help make sure it's necessary safety to prevent future violations.

Nintendo Network IDs originally appeared linked to Wii U and Nintendo 3DS programs.

As our partners in Kotaku Australia marked earlier this week, it was there have been reports of security breaches, with users claiming unknown people have access to their accounts. "We are aware of reports of unauthorized access to other Nintendo accounts and are investigating the situation," a Nintendo spokesman told reporters. Kotaku Australia at that time. Currently, we recommend that users be allowed 2-step verification for their Nintendo account.


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