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Official Pokémon Tournaments Jump online In response to Covid-19




In late March, The Pokémon Company announced that there will be a cancellation of this year's series of video games and card games due to the ongoing covid-19 syndrome. A bummer for sure, but it's understandable. Now replaced those competitions are the next best thing: to compete online.

The Pokémon The Players Cup, as these online events are known collectively, will give players a chance to compete from their homes Pokémon Trading Card Game, Pokémon sword and A shoe, again Pokkén competition. Beginning in July, the qualifying contenders for the Masters Division – that is, those born before 2005 – will compete in the double-elimination brackets dedicated to the tournament event in August. Three winners from the event will receive entry points and tours at the next International Championship event.

The first brackets of Pokémon The Players Cup will be open to everyone, but unique invitation events will give top players a direct shot at the August tournament.

Pokémon sword and A shoe contests will use the game Built-in multiplayer mode, and Pokémon Trading Card Game Online will host games instead of physical competition. The only obstacle that may come Pokkén competition; while its netcode is better than most modern fighting games, he's not something I would call a tournament ready. The revealed recently for Evo Online, which will then switch to a focus-only line in games return code, proved just how important a critical netplay experience is in an online fighting game competition.

The Pokémon company is still setting up some dates there Pokémon Cup players, so expect those details soon.


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