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One Punch Man: Hero Nobody Knows




In a world unlike ours, superheroes make a profit by killing monsters and taking on other job threats. They are heroes by profession. One of them is called Saitama and he is a protagonist of One Punch Man, a very curious movie with a lot of fans. He was so ordinary that he lost his job. Later, when he saved the baby's life, he realized that his true calling would be a hero.

To accomplish this he started training hard. Every day I do 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats and I run 10km. He had a bald head, but he became very powerful, ever since he killed each of his enemies. It's so subdued that it causes disappointment, and it's also ridiculous and unpredictable. With these wickerwork, Spike-Chunsoft created a fighting video game.

One Punch Man: Hero Nobody KnowsOne Punch Man: Hero Nobody Knows

Since everything will end so quickly, you're not Saitama, but the first thing to create is your avatar. The editor is limited in the beginning and offers some general effects within the style of Jusuke Murata (which then improves a lot). With it, you will try to reach the highest level of work in that third anti-RPG style with an evolution similar to that of Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm. Travel around the area, embrace the journey, fight and discover the secret. Nothing new.

Great mode lets you know the history of the anime, a little at your own pace. In the beginning you have to take down a lot of evil monsters, helping the employee bring texts and the like. But soon comes the fearsome beast that, under the control of the hero company, should not face it. We are not Saitama, we must not forget it, so it is impossible to beat it. But it is helpful to know those temptations that make this game unique.

One Punch Man: Hero Nobody Knows

Starter 30. It's the time when the One Punch Man distributor will take the time to arrive to help us give a good account of this mythical monster that shows the level of manga stupidity that surrounds the entire series. When it arrives, we go straight to controlling it, though there is not much you can do because you press the button you press, you take it all at once.

Fortunately, it will not always be this way. As the game progresses, you get to know more people asking for help in this way when things get tough. In this way, what we have is a far greater revenge on the attack and the power we have to use the tactics. In addition, there is an indication of the influence that affects the level of the hero's face of help. It's a fun and random way we've laughed at it more than once because it gives writers the opportunity to put their points in perspective.

One Punch Man: Hero Nobody Knows also twisted MMO. Over time, you turn on online mode, which lets you see other players roaming the world and, most importantly, rely on them to help you when needed. It doesn't add much to the game, though it's amazing to see what styles and designs some people have collected.

We can almost say that this game is for decoration and you have a great time trying on clothes. There are many costumes, accessories and other items, people and strangers, that you can try. As good heroes, there is no shortage of mask to obscure the entire human eye. From what we have confirmed, online has become a double competition, to see who has the most heroism or the most drag. We recently fell in love with someone who only wore orange oranges.

One Punch Man: Hero Nobody Knows

But wasn't this a fighting game? Ah yes, the fight system is so bad that we make efforts to forget about it. All the movements and actions of the dry and orderly followers, the whole thing is executed in a strict manner, it looks like a warrior queen. It's kind of like using a few buttons and keystroke replication combos, and at least one canceling program can be great. If there was no rhythm, you would also sit with a small bird every three.

This takes their multiplayer approach right back to importance. You can fight anyone you want in groups of three fighters, local or online, and you have the option of using Saitama. Yes, it is a bad idea, but they have developed a winning system that we have already mentioned in this multiplayer encounter.

Spike-Chunsoft may have tried to copy parts of the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series, but it has not achieved the level of quality that CyberConnect2's studio brings to its heads because the fight is not over. And that puts everything, everything in advance.

Saitama's first arrival in video games introduced the worst "fight" of his life, a boring fight. In the manga and anime that's a benefit that everything is built on, but in a video game like One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows, it is a doom.


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