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Percy Jackson gets a Disney Plus show backed by creator Rick Riordan




If you grew up reading Percy Jackson's books and were very disappointed with the 2010 film adaptation, you'd get a fair bit of justice: the Percy Jackson series is coming out on Disney Plus, and writer Rick Riordan will be involved in "every aspect. the show. ”

Riord and his wife Becky announced the news via Twitter video, posting a detailed announcement of the project shortly after.

Hi Percy Jackson's followers, for the last ten years, you have worked hard to gain true flexibility on Percy Jackson's world screen. Some of you have even suggested that it would be a great Disney Plus series. We can't agree more! There is not much to say in this section but we are very excited about the idea of ​​a series of high quality live performances, followed by the storyline of Percy Jackson's five book series, starting with The Lightning Thief

the first season. Rest assured that Becky & I will be personally involved in every aspect of the route. There will be. be more stories in the future, but for now, we have a lot of work to do! Collect, demigods. It will be a great, fun ride!

The idea for the Disney-helmed series Percy Jackson has been circulating since Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, with Riord even talking about hypothetical projects on his blog. With the launch of Disney Plus, fans took to Twitter with the hashtag #DisneyPlusAdaptPercyJackson and a request that showed the interest of fans. The middle-class series rose in 2005 and followed the titular demigod hero to a world where Greek gods, heroes, and monsters were real.

The key series has screened five books and focused on the journeys of Percy and Annabeth Chase, Athena's determined daughter, and Satan Grover. The sequel series included elements of Roman mythology in the country, as well as various spinoff series focusing on Egyptian and Norse mythology. As far as the best Greek-mythology books centered on Percy Jackson books, the current series, Trials of Apollo, is set to receive the last book in September of this year. Music conversion of The Lightning Thief

has been released on Off-Broadway in 2017 in great reviews. In 2016, Riord participated in the Disney-Hyperion edition to introduce the Rick Riord Gifts program, designed to showcase "a variety of fantasy-based strategies by young, emerging and well-known writers." Topics include Dragon Pearl It is Joh Ha Lee who translates Korean mythology and Maya-inspired Hurricane Runner by Jennifer Cervantes.

Polygon contacted Disney, who did not immediately confirm the series at the time of the announcement. There is no word on additional production issues in the Disney Plus series, other than Riord's confirmation that he and Becky will be heavily involved. It's mentioned by Ri Jordan dislike of movie conversion

, especially how they create characters and deviate from the text.

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Disney is offering a bundle that includes its three streaming services – Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus – & nbsp; $ 12,99 / month.

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