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Perfume Genius, Magnetic Fields, supra




Left: Perfume Genius; Right: Stephin Merritt (photo: Marcelo Krasilcic)

Left: Perfume Genius; Right: Stephin Merritt (photo: Marcelo Krasilcic)

There's a lot of music out there. To help you get rid of all the noise, weekly A.V. The club it gathers A-sides, the latest five releases we think are well worth your time. You can listen to these and more our Spotify playlist, and if you like what you hear, we encourage you to buy featured music directly from the links provided below.

(Matador Records, May 15)

When transcendent No Shape let's witness to the emotional submission of Perfume Genius & # 39; Mike Hadreas, then Set My Heart On Fire Immediately feel like an invitation to join him on the other side. In addition to the misleading title, Perfume Genius' fifth album offers warm comfort – even the twisted incidents of the lead guitar "Explain" eventually turned into a hot ambience. There is a certain weakness and intimacy, and for the most part the album finds the artist opening themselves up to others, kneeling freely for the time being. In the standout "Your Body Changes Everything" – our barrels go forward as Kate Bush's song tied to Roy Orbison-Hadreas pleads, "Hold me, I fall!" Not only do you allow yourself to feel safe in someone else's arms, but trust that someone will hold you. It's an intense, deeply rooted sound for Perfume Genius, born with a sense of freedom and security. Set My Heart On Fire Immediately it is a rich, spirited agreement that growth does not always progress, but also resolves. (Cameron Scheetz)

Thao & The Down Down Sit Down, The temple

(Domino, May 15)

Thao Nguyen thought he would never make an album again, so he came The temple. Recent effort from Nguyen's long band Thao & The Get Down Sit down to see the singer-songwriter himself, marking a reconciliation of his singer identity and his Vietnamese culture with a set of 10 songs that also combines pun-punk and hi-fi vegetarian re-creation . There is no trace that puts the union on better than the lead single "Phenom", which conveys Nguyen's subtlety, the Raincoats-esque sounds of the slide, the late-night production of the cries of protest against the light and sharp "white cannibals." This lush and jagged wedding stays strong throughout the record, from the retro-disco opener "Temple" to the electro-pop of "Marrow." (Katie Rife)

Magnetic spots, Quickies

(Nonesuch, May 15)

Stephin Merritt can just as easily blush as it can break your heart. One of the the best songs in 2017 & # 39; s 50 Song Memoir, lest we forget, double as a dick joke. As its title implies, Quickies it also has the same power amplifiers, delivering 28 tracks of obsolete, bite-lined roads, including booze, boobs, dice, sex, and – as in "Let's Get It Again (And Divorce)" – a rare treat for many of your loved ones. Merritt's best songwriter, however, to completely avoid the means; “I Wish I Had To Be A Prostitute Again,” pretty much Distortion"A Nun & # 39; s Litany," serves as a sad and sad image of innocent longing. Quickies, in a sharp way, sometimes it feels like a strange rebuke to modern self-care philosophies, reunion as it does in all immoral, physical and emotional ways, we intended to "grow up" as adults. (Randall Colburn)

Moses Sumney, Grave

(Jagjaguwar, May 15)

Graves: Part 1 it's almost as exciting as the albums come; can easily compete with the album's honors of the year with or without eight new songs. Section 1 sees Sumney's step outside of the former comfort zones and marvels at the military, rock climbing ("Conveyor"); galloping, Wisdhemp jaz ("Or / Or"); and the grunge that is ready to be garnished ("Virile") – all while creating lines between friends and lovers ("Blossom"), categorized and uninvolved ("Boxes," apparently a direct continuation of Pitchfork's quote), and masculinity and femininity ("Jill / Jack ”). Graves: Part 2 it is less powerful, though not entirely different or customary. Usually remembering a standing forum AromanticismThe most exhausting articles, and they focus on neutrality at community level rather than the space between the individual and his or her translations. ”(Max Freedman)

Read our featured review Grave here.

(UMG, May 13)

There are a couple more well-groomed couples than the graceful illustrations of Samm Henshaw and the tight horns section. If the title track from 2018 & # 39; s Broke and last yearOnly One to Reprove"Not enough examples, one has to look at his latest collaborations with jazz-funk Brasstracks players." Change For Me "combines the useless Henshaw and Brasstracks brass instruments with an uplifting sound, or witches imagining harmony and desperation for change. they feel reminiscent of some of the previous Brasstracks bands, including Chance The Rapper and Anderson .Paak, but Henshaw's day, homepun verve adds something unique and soul-tied to reality. Sloppy wormwood, sunscreen, and a coherent reminder that there are always reasons to try. (Shannon Miller)


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