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Pokémon Go & # 39; s public day in May will be with Snot




Next Pokémon Go Public Day will be May 24 and there will be an acorn Pokémon, Seed.

From 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. in your local time, Seed will produce in abundance. Its Shiny form will also pass through the event and will appear more often than usual.

Converting your Seed to Shiftry during the event will also give Shiftry the Mov Bullet a seed.

Bullet bullet hits the Razor Leaf for Shiftry & # 39; s PvP moves, and yet escapes Snarl. That being said, it is worth choosing Shiftry, especially if you want to be sad on PvP. Taking down a lot means you can have one fit for the Great League and the Ultra League, where they are fighting a strong rivalry.

During the event, all points earned in Pokémon will be triples, and the incense will last for three hours.

As with Abra Public Day, the duration of the event has been extended to encourage people to play more at home. Niantic has been constantly innovating Pokémon Go to be easily played at home due to coronavirus infection.

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Nintendo switchch consoles are usually sold out, but you can still take the handheld Shints Lite, which is suitable for mobile games.

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