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Pokémon Go Valentine's Day & # 39; s 2020 game guide: Field research and rewards




Pokémon Go celebrates Valentine's Day with the beautiful, red color of Pokémon until February 17.

All the sweets will be double and Lure will last for six hours, instead of the usual 30 minutes. That being said, be sure to use Pinap Berries when you catch any of the Pokémon you need for a candy to reap a great reward.

Pink Pokémon such as Chansey, Clefairy, Flaaffy, Miltank, Porygon, Slowpoke, and Whismur came to a degree. Other pink monsters such as Lickitung, Trogogue, Smoochum and Happiny hatch as many as seven miles.

The event introduces Unovan Pokémon Audino and He is very quiet in the game, two pink Pokémon worth. Happyiny will also be able to catch up with Shiny, introducing its evolutionary Shiny line to the game.

Happyiny, Chansey, and Blissey compared to their Shiny models. Blissey is slightly darker pink, Chansey turns green, and Blissey turns light pink.

Image: Niantic via Polygon

There are also a number of field research activities to complete to earn rewards, which put some pink Pokémon on.

Pokémon Go Valentine's Day 2020 Field Research Event and Rewards

The workThe reward
The workThe reward
Valentine's Day: End HoppipCherub meeting
Valentine's Day: The Rocket Grunts Winning TeamChansey reunion
Valentine's Day: Catch 5 Slowpoke or Whismur1,000 Stardust
Valentine's Day: 3 Hatch EggsLickitung encounter
Valentine's Day: Catch 14 LuvdiscAlomomola encounter

We also recommend using Mystery Box over the weekend to get Meltan candy, if you have one Pokémon Let & # 39; s Go, Eevee either Pikachu. Melmetal needs about 400 sweets to pop, now is a good time to plow. Meltan has also become the most requested Pokémon in the worldwide Pokémon trading system.


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