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Probably There Are Many Sea Bass In Crossing Animals: New Horizons




Please stop why you smile

Please stop why you smile
Screen: Nintendo (Kotaku)

When I pull one sea bass into it Crossing the Animals: New Horizons, I'll cry.

Fishing is probably my favorite thing to do Animal Crossing games. Whether it follows the stray rivers of my island looking for unexplained gold trout or spending time battling piers with blue marlin and tuna, I often find myself losing rhythm Animal CrossingWater shadows. But my little piece dies every time I jump into the ocean, one of the most common fish inside New Horizons.

Animal Crossing Players are given a rough idea of ​​what fish they will be able to catch in the amount of shadow they make under the water. For example, a lower shadow in the sea means that you are more likely to catch a sea butterfly, while a larger shadow indicates that something unusual is likely to occur. Many high-value fish are only caught by fishing these large sharks. The problem is that sea bass, which are very important, have great dignity too.

Sea bass have long been a source of disappointment for Animal Crossing games. Right when you think you may have caught a coelacanth, a living dinosaur that functions as a sacred graff Animal Crossing fishing, your lure instead comes from the water holding a sea bass. The game celebrates this with jaunty music and stupid pun like everyone else's catch, but all players see a fish copy whose sole purpose is to find more material in their limited structure.

This situation only escalates internally New Horizons because of its robust tool tools. The fish are too numerous and your rod breaks, resulting in a short trip back to your home to do other things. It is not a great distraction, but it breaks any kind of rhythm you managed to develop. Therefore, sea bass play a new role as tool destroyers. Every time these sick green knives you catch just break or pull your fishing rod, which may not be worth the encounter with a different, better fish.

It's close to where I can say which fish I've caught before it comes out of the water thanks to the switchch & # 39; s Joy-Cons feature and their Rumble HD feature. New Horizons uses the HD Rumble to provide unique sounds while catching fish: the bigger the fish get, the more controllers shake. Only one fish, olive founder, feels the same as the sea bass as it is pulled inward. And while the olive founder is a very common sight, there is less to it than sea bass, which makes the sea far more than that. it is annoying.

Many worrying types of Animal Crossing series has moved on New Horizons. Tom Nook is still demanding huge mortgage payments, wasps will occasionally attack players to shake the trees, and sea bass still pick up a piece of my soul every time their piercing eyes stare at me from the end of my fishing rod. My only hope is that eventually I will be fishing these cut-off little bastards.

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