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Resident Evil 3: release dates, pre-order bonuses, Edition Collector




Disadvantages of Living 3, The latest recap of Capcom in its scary horror program, will be released on Friday, April 3. The shredded version of the 1999 PlayStation game includes a new multiplayer mode and improved stalker intelligence, Nemesis and a "picture view and modern control system".

Our review found that, as was the case in 1999, Resident Evil 3 the veil that was preceded by her scourge, Resident Evil 2. Anyway, if you liked that game, maybe you will Resident Evil 3, as it "plays a lot like last year's addition Resident Evil 2 remake ”rather than completely remembering the first game.

If you are planning to pick a new game in the Resident Evil series, here is all you need to know about pre-orders and special offers offered by Capcom.

Residence Evil 3 pre-order bonuses

The official case of BestBook's exclusive BestBook for Resident Evil 3

Photo: Capcom

All previous commands for Disadvantages of Living 3, unlike the format or retailer, comes with a special “Classic Costume Pack,” which features Jill Valentine’s original costume from the 1999 game, and Carlos Oliveira’s old school floppy, fan-band-fit.

Best Buy also offers a pre-order bonus for them, throwing out a special SteelBook copy with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One copies Disadvantages of Living 3.

Pre order Disadvantages of Living 3 here: Amazon | Buy The Best | GameStop | PlayStation Store

| Microsoft Store | The smoke

Resident Evil 3 standard edition

Nemesis is burning a screenshot from Resident Evil 3

Photo: Capcom

The standard Summer Resident Evil 3 costs $ 59.99, and includes any pre-order bonuses. It also provides access to new online "asymmetrical-multiplayer survival," Resisting Evil Evil.

Pre order Disadvantages of Living 3 here: Amazon | Buy The Best | GameStop | PlayStation Store | Microsoft Store | The smoke

Residence Evil 3 Collector & # 39; s Edition

Promotional image of collections from bad collectors program 3

Photo: Capcom

The Disadvantages of Living 3 The Collector & # 39; s Edition includes digital music audio, as well as a bunch of visuals: a Jill Valentine statue, a collector's art book, and a map with two sides of Raccoon City. Everything will be packed in a box with the STARS symbol.

Collector & # 39; s Edition is a special GameStop, with stores for $ 179.99. It's on sale right now, but keep an eye on GameStop (as well @PolygonDeals Twitter account) if your heart is willing to own those collections – Collector's Collecting Methods are usually generated when the game window opens.

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GameStop-Special Collector & # 39; s Edition of Disadvantages of Living 3 features a collection of interactive collections, such as a stunning Jill Valentine photo and a special art book.

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