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Review: A Marvelous 101 Review




Success stories for video games aren't always written before their existence. There are, for example, The Wonderful 101, a step-by-step title (come on, similar to almost everything PlatinumGames does) but the mid-level specialists only came out of the Wii U back in 2013 and, unfortunately, did not reach many users. The level of the game didn't have many things to do (though it wasn't easy to find something like the original), but the machine itself, which launched the launch of the Nintendo console, didn't go into many houses for us to say. However, many of the tried-and-tested users, and fans who are paying attention to new suggestions in the industry, highlighted its new evolution in the game genre, as well as its distinctive presentation of color, humor. Hideki Kamiya and its team is a cult classic (or niche), of those games that Platinum fans have always complained about not being able to try.

However, unexpectedly and unexpectedly, perhaps when the temporary special season on the Wii U is over, PlatinumGames launched a Kickstarter campaign earlier this year to invest and expand the project's Remastered promotions in current locations, an effort to get a fantastic response in a few hours of the game so that it will finally come out later this year in May PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. And that latest version, one adapted for the next Wii U, that we've been playing for hours to give you this cracking comparison. What has changed in these seven years on Wonder?

Wonder 101: Restored

Since the original was from 2013 and is not well known, the first thing is to know what the story of the bully is about. Wonder 100 Wonderful, 101 ("we knew we were forgetting someone"), There are a group of heroes, each with their own qualities and characteristics, entered into the Blossom City action in front of the alien threat of Geathjerks. Yes, it is full of clichés and, like every other game and its plot, it is deliberate, like the flaws and logic of the cartoon of the season, especially the popular 70s anime (like Mazinger-Z or UFO Robot Grendizer) and the series TV tokusatsu it's very funny in the '90s (like Power Ranger). This is packaged in a lovely energetic and entertaining section for those who hold winks and that tone can be taken as serious. Even the voice of the narrator / presenter is a clear mockery of the events that take place on screen, but it all fits in perfectly with the endless rhythm of the laughing action.

What’s interesting about The Wonderful 101 right there, as it often happens with other Platinum games, is the way you throw the player at the center of the action as soon as the game starts. There is no introductory scene or long film scenes to emphasize events. It starts at the core, at both narrative and play levels. Although the initial stages make a small study to find different machines, everything happens so quickly that it doesn't give you much time to understand what is happening. But that's a sign of PlatinGames (someone said the first return to their games is a lesson and that they actually started after the credits) and the thought is that players go down and work from the first minute, since the Game that comes over them is empty without forgiveness, peace or discovery. However, to prevent beginners from falling, now there are three types of difficulty (Very Easy, Easy and Normal). But anyone who wants to enjoy the core of Platinum itself should start with the third option, of course.

Wonder 101: The redesigned clean (and colorful) chaos. Players must control a host of powerful and powerful heroes (who must learn from the pikmin how to organize and train) who can take great steps to act as weapons. This change is called Hectofusions such is the mechanics of the core of the game. In fact, learning how to manage and master them right from the start is the key to success. Fortunately, the controls are much better now, which is a masterpiece compared to the Wii U version, which once failed with a touchscreen and was not always accurate with analog rods. In our case we used Nintendo Switch Joy-Con with no problem, but we recommend playing with Pro Controller on TV, especially for longer sessions. However, those who enjoy drawing can draw their fingers on the switch screen.

It turns out that to use multiple Hectofusions you have to "paint" the image on the screen, and without a stylus or finger, do it with the right stick. Line a sword, & # 39; & # 39; L & # 39; the gun, the circle is thick, the triangle is the arrow in the waist … (Does anyone remember Okami, also Kamiya?) So the crowd of warriors was transformed into various services, and though painting was part of the decline of the application, it eventually felt comfortable (and had a quick reaction) with sticks. . And this, too, is the center of it all: the more heroes you keep, the bigger and more powerful those changes, and with that you will be able to overcome enemies and obstacles with greater resolution, with better medals at the end of the level.

As well as the weapons mentioned (the gun can actually be a rifle / bazooka away) there are whips, bombs, hats and a hammer, and they are all important. Not to mention other shields or dodges, such as flan or spring, work with a button. The game asks you to change your hero and main color, turning the team into its star weapon, so that the rhythm and variety never stop. As in other Platinum games, ultimately what's important is to make the best score at each end level (here the medal images go from plastic, logically, platinum), and of course you have to have the ax with the fingers and the platinum display. Hectofusions, moreover, is not only a fighting tool, but also a way to solve various puzzles, which puts your mind to the test because you want to do it at full speed.

Too much focus on the development of using either quality of life, the switchch version is much smoother and more efficient than the original Wii U. It currently sits at about 60 frames per second almost constantly (albeit with a modest decrease) in 1080p television resolution and 720p laptop screen. Although it is very small and doesn't give much detail, it plays well on the small screen. It was one of our fears given the size of the characters (and the memory of the Wii U Gamepad & # 39; s 480p), but it passed the test as it easily followed the tangle of heroes and easily separated one character from another. But still much better.

And the most important improvements to the user interface, are necessary because they are no longer a double screen game. Although it has several image contents, the view is now much clearer, with smaller values. All previously displayed information on the remote Wii U should now be released with the remote control buttons (& # 39; + & # 39; & # 39; – & # 39; in this version), but this is not a problem. The new instructional thread and tricks also help to make the gameplay easier, especially to help new players catch a special move. It's readily available, but it's not that easy, it goes on.

One of the benefits of the changes to the Wii U game Switch is the significant reduction in loading times and in The Wonderful 101: Keep that in mind because it's usually fall and you have to give it a "go ahead". We think this will be the same and better for other versions. And they've changed the price of skills and upgrades to the store, which is bought with game money. And what we should talk about is the arrival of orchestrated version of the Won-Stoppable Wonder 100 and Table Turn, which are good for a whole lot.

If you hadn't already played it because you were in that great time that never had a Nintendo desktop, but it attracted your attention and you love Platinum Games, the time has come to play The Wonder 101. Rest assured, its fun and its addictive gameplay should come to light and not last. in the corner of video games. There are many memories that no one has asked for, but this one is the logical one, and additional improvements are appropriate and necessary. If you've won it once, The Wonders 101: To do it again.

Wonder 101: RestoredWonder 101: Restored



Since I had my first console when I was 10, I've never stopped playing. I'm a multiplatform player and my favorite genre is RPG.

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