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On paper, Destruction: Forever it's a simple game. Use big guns. Kill all demons. Pretend there is no tomorrow. But the first id Software shooter – released last week for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC – is more than meets the eye. By making various systems more complex and complex, you can transform Doomguy into Doomgod. Hell's troops who wish to take note of humanity by 2020 live a heck at home.

Difficulty settings (mostly) are changed.

In Destruction: Forever, there are four difficulty settings. Here's what the game cost them, going from simple to difficult: I'm Too Young to Die, Hurt Me Too Much, Bad Violence and Night. You can switch between these at any time while playing.

Aside from those general settings, there are very difficult one: Ultra-Nightmare. You cannot change this in-game setting. In this mode, enemies are as tough as they are on Nightmare, but when you die, that's it. Game over.

It doesn't matter what you choose with your first weapon mod.

For a few seconds in this game, you will find a modular upgrade of the first weapons. At that point, since you only have guns, you can choose between Sticky Bombs (which converts ammo into ammo Halo– with grenade planks) or Full Auto (exactly how it sounds). Both are good improvements, but you're not sorry for this decision. In Destruction: Forever, Armor modes appear very quickly. If you try one and are not happy about it, it will be a long time until you open another one.

It it does no matter what kind of skill you are talking about.

Each weapon mode has two development teams. The first tier makes each mod more efficient – say, increase the explosive size of Stick Bombs or increase the speed of your movement while using Full Auto. He unlocks skills in the first tier with weapons points, which you get by doing what Doomguy does best (returning demons from where they came from).

The second tier is an addition that converts weapons, which is a standard unit that can turn a assault rifle into a rocket-propelled rocket launcher, for example. This second tier does not require weapon points. Instead, in order to get better, you have to complete something called a "big challenge".

Typically, these challenges include watering down demons in certain ways that are more closely related to the mod. Maybe you need to kill 25 Cacodemons with an Arctic ballista, or take out five enemies for a walk and a chaingun & # 39; s Turret (10 more times). The sooner you unlock the expanding challenge, the faster you'll be able to use the last mod & # 39; s. By pouring weapon points into two different modules in the same weapon, you bend yourself.

Bonus tip: If you can get a Mastery token, you can skip any mastery challenge, as long as you have purchased the previous set of upgrades.

Up these weapon mods.

It is a matter of playstyle and perspective, however, the following weapon modes often have strong final tiers. Pour your weapon armor first.

Shotgun: Stick Bombs. Not only are Stick Bombs a blast (great pun apology). It's that another mod & # 39; s & # 39; s mod, Full Auto, burns with ammo very quickly to be useful in the first game, before increasing the ammo capacity.

Hard Cannon: Micro Errors. Microsoft Missiles mode is not so good at first, but completing the mission turns it into one of the best weapons in the game: a super-fast firefighter. Get this mod early to unlock the mastery as soon as possible.

Plasma Rifle: Heat Transfer. Plasma gun models don't change like other weapon mods, so you can't go wrong here. For me, Heat Blast is the best alternative. Completing the formative challenge unlocks the potential of the plasma gun ammo, making it a very deadly weapon.

Rocket Launcher: Remote Airport.

In the beginning, I picked up a rocket which, in contempt of all known laws of the universe, went straight between the legs of the demon. The chances of it happening are slim; we're talking about distance pixels. Yes, a standard rocket launcher is a horrible beast. However, with Remote Detonation, you have more control. That way, if you shoot arrows and move between the demon's legs, you can pull the trigger and threaten it, in the hope of receiving more serious damage.

Super Shotgun: Just upgrade the item ASAP. "Improved" is the only Super Shotgun option, and you should add weapon points to it as soon as you get it. The mastery tier sets Meat Hook – Doomguy's iron name unnecessarily for a controversial hook – on fire. Not only does this do the damn bonus work for any demon you hit, it will also include known weapon drops. Since opening a flame wood requires 50 kills, this is best suggested by the Master token.

Ballista: Destroyer Blade. C & # 39; mon. The name alone should convince you that you got this one.

Chaingun: Mobile Turret. Before turning on each mode, you can see a small video showing what, in fact, it does. The Soft Turret video preview makes it look like you're required to write in one place – it's very controversial The judgmentThe basic idea of ​​& # 39; s going great at all times. "If the clip gives you a break, don't worry. Like the mod's name implies, you can keep going.

Do it no miss Slayer Gates.

Throughout Destruction: Forever, you will see six Slayer Gates. These Slayer Gates are challenges to choose from when dealing with a few waves of tough enemies. If there is one thing you take away from this text, it is: Make every single Slayer Gate. Not only is it fun, they also provide you with some of the next level stuff. Completing each Slayer Gate helps you with three weapon points – a great drag, if your goal is to boost all weapons – and a shiny trinket called Empyrean Key. Find all the Empyrean Keys and you'll be able to unlock Unmaykr, which is arguably the most powerful weapon in the game.

Some pre-owned machines have a fast pace, but they are not for everyone, especially in the final game. If you miss the Kill Gate, you'll have to do a lot to re-read it to get it back. For example, Slayer Gate in Mars Core, a mid-range game, is all at the stage level. If you hit that range without tapping that Empyrean Key, you'll have to do the rest of that distance from the start – about an hour of work, or to skilled players.

Before completing any given distance, touch the map. If you see any dark purple areas, go back to them. Or, better now, open the map in the back of the rest of the room. That way, you should never write back.

Find these runes.

As you play, you will find runes, which provide endless upgrades that give Doomguy powerful abilities. There are nine in this game, and you can choose your skills with each rune, but you can only give three at any given time. Well, only three are worth your time.

Surprising and Confusing: When the enemies glow orange or blue, that means they're standing. You can then run to them and perform Glory Kill, a fast-paced attack that gives you health and gives you a brief victory (as long as the pictures last, at least). The magnificent window is generous enough, but providing this rune is twice as much.

Find and Destroy: Initially, you have to get very close to the enemies that have been hit to make Glory Kills. With this run, you can fill in the big gaps by impressing. It may not sound all that helpful, especially since Doomguy has a useful dash that can close the distance quickly. But if there is an entry of demonic spirits between you and a standing enemy, this rune allows you to send in the other direction.

Chrono strike: With this rune, pulling the left-hander into midair puts the game in slow-mo. Since the left trigger also activates weapon mods, that means using any weapon mod in midair creates a kind of overload time. Put another way: you can enter the Matrix by jumping around like Mario's brother. This is very helpful for powerful weapons that require charging, such as the Ballista Balloon Balloon. It's also perfect for Meat Hook; slow-mo makes level traversal a simpler, more straightforward art.

You can turn off handshake settings.

When you find a new enemy type, you'll see a pop-up window that offers tips on how to defeat monsters. Some players may find this annoying and may even believe that it removes the old one The judgment the experience of locking your head against a wall while trying to figure out how the hell defeats a novel demon. For such viewers, here are the headlines: You can turn this off by opening the game settings and selecting "Tutorial."

You can also turn off “Glory Kill Highlight.” When this setting is turned on, the demons will light up when you can't do the killing glory on it. Turn it off, and they're still involved in killing Glory Kills, but the game won't show that to you as more traffic controller. And it's another tweak that makes guns more challenging than simply measuring the level of damage and rage of an enemy.

It is unnatural to make adults.

Some levels are hiding a single climb that offers a second chance at life. In Destruction: Forever, they apply immediately to your death, so you don't need to restart rooms or fight anything like that. It comes from where it stands. They are very useful, but they should not, at least not immediately. Using one-up means it's okay. Even if you die, it won't appear on the map.

When you see one-up, that almost always shows a great fight. In these cases, you will have to go into the next room, put your toes in the battle, alert the enemies and the waves and the strongholds, and allow yourself to die. After reopening, cycle back, take one and try again. Now, you'll have more life and land area in your corner.

Spend your Sentinel Crystals on Loot Magnet.

Sentinel crystals are an opening that offers Doomguy passive, permanent bonuses. Each bonus requires two crystals to unlock. (Like a bonus bonus, each crystal you use will improve your health, armor, or ammo meters.) There are six such thumbs, but you should go to the Loot Magnet as soon as possible. Without it, you have to have a direct walk over the drop of resources to pick them up. Loot Magnet will draw to you a generous distance. In last night's fire extinguishers, when things get more busy than the originalucus, you'll be glad you got the upgrade.

You can get upgrades to your base.

As you complete the challenges, you'll unlock Sentinel batteries. In Fortress of Doom, in the Doomguy Metedica-themed extraplanetary apartment, there are various energy departments that receive more openings. It costs two batteries to open each door. This may be obvious to some players, but it was me, so I'll share: some of those rooms are holding visible improvements, such as weapon modes and Sentinel Crystals.

I took advantage of the other Batteries in the first game of opening the Doomguy skins. What's the point of that? It's a first-person game! There are very few cutscenes in this game of bonuses that are extremely important, and many of them look like Rick Owens design projects, though. Instead, I have to visit the back room of the Castle of Conflict, where there is a new fold for important advances.

For cracked walls, pay attention to the colors.

As this The judgment In the game, another important form of footwork involves drilling holes in objects: that is, broken walls. But the splitting color means more than just "go here." Green cracks are the walls you need to break in order to move forward in a story. Dark walls hide secrets and openings of choice. A yellow crack means you need to find something in the environment – say, a large laser beam – to destroy them before moving on.

There is a rhythmic wall to the Tower of Conflict.

Someone got this guy a gig at Ozzfest.

Someone got this guy a gig at Ozzfest.
Screen: software id (Kotaku)

This is not a tip. I wanted to point out what this freakin & # 39; s instrument is.

Most demonic killings:

Since I had my first console when I was 10, I've never stopped playing. I'm a multiplatform player and my favorite genre is RPG.

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