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Song 2.0: BioWare says changing the game is a long process




BioWare returns to the drawing board with A song in the extreme of the 2019 game, it has introduced in mixed reactions from both players and critics. That's a discussion of A song – referred to as A song 2.0 or The Next Song – it's going to be a "longer process" than people expected, according to BioWare Austin studio director Christian Dailey, who heads the project.

Post Office BioWare website, Dailey says A song "The pediatric team has already started working and we are now starting to validate our components" and "trying / showing that we are improving in areas where we believe we have not arrived all the time and found everything we love about Anthem."

In other words, Dailey's review on (i) the development of A song it means that the process is very early and currently does not have the full power of BioWare behind it.

"We are a small team – about 30, leading as we aim to score our key goals," Dailey said. “Spoiler – this will be a long process. Again, the team is small but the whole point of this is to take our time and get back to the drawing board. And a small group gives us a huge amount of energy that can't be paid. ”

Dailey said BioWare Austin plans to include players in additional processes and "be open and honest about where we are and what our expectations are."

"The truth is that you will see things that look good but still end up in the watering room or things that you may think smell like you feel that we spend a lot of time on it – but in the spirit of exploration this is all right," he said. “We wish to provide you with everything that is transparent because of your interest and interest in it A song

. However, after that it comes to see how the barrier is made – which doesn't stay that way. ”

Dailey said the presentation of the sausage would be a way for blog renewal, live play modes, social media art, and "at one point I rarely got the ball in the corner." It's interesting.

So if you get stuck A song this for a long time, provide the inside. It sounds like you have time to see how things will end up going out.

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