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Sony Copies Microsoft, Create New PlayStation Studios Brand




Today Tony announced the new name for his first group games: PlayStation Studios.

PlayStation Studios will feature Sony's internal studios such as Naughty Dog, Insomniac Games, and Santa Monica Studio. The news has been announced alongside a new opening cinematic video to be held before each PlayStation Studios game on your console. Showing other leading company characters, such as UnreadThat's Nathan Drake as well Horizon Zero DawnThey are offspring, their faces appearing in large X, O, square, and triangular problems. Unfortunately old Playstation stars, like PaRappa the Rapper, didn't cut it.

"Over the last few years — even the last decade, the power of the titles coming out of our studios has been stronger than ever," Eric Lempel, head of global marketing at Sony Interactive Entertainment, you were told

in conversation. "We've been thinking about how we integrate all of these great games into one product, and the goal is to make consumers understand that, when they see the brand, they are ready for the strong, new, deep experience they expect from gaming from PlayStation. So we came up with PlayStation Studios."

Significantly, the move comes more than a year since Microsoft did the same thing with its internal studios. After acquiring developers such as Obsidian Entertainment and Ninja Theory, it has redone its original games as made by Xbox Game Studios. The two logos are also very similar, both with Xbox and Playstation symbols respectively in the white pop opera of the word "studio."

I'll tell my grandchildren this logo-off is what it was about the wars of the console.

In accordance with Gamesindustry this new PlayStation Studios product won't arrive during The The Last of Us Part II either Tsushima speakers, comes June and July respectively. While it's not clear which game will be the first to feature the new cinematic, Gamesindustry it's written that it will come with the launch of the PS5 – a program we never see, because, why, you showed your next genware where you could end up teasing fans by exclaiming its controller and studio replay?


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