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Star Wars Cosplayer Throwed Ground, Arrested For Carrying "Plastic Gun"




Articles entitled Star Wars / Cosplayer Thrown To Ground, Arrested For Carrying A Plastic Gun

A restaurant in Lethbridge, Canada last week thought it would be fun to stand out work dressed as a Stormtrooper priest to celebrate star Wars Date May 4. Instead, the woman in the dress finally found the officers and a nose was put on her nose before being arrested.

as LNN report, the incident happened last week when an unnamed employee, wearing a full Stormtrooper suit (complete with plastic gun) appeared in front of the restaurant, two 911 calls from people passing by the presence of what they thought was a weapon, and b) had never seen it in any way some Stormtrooper before.

The police immediately arrived at the scene, pulled out a firearm and ordered the woman to first release her "weapon" before entering the floor. When the employee disposed of the blaster immediately, he took time to get on his knees, so the officers present grabbed him and wrapped him around his hands, giving him a "bloody nose".

Note: the video has been released for audio.

Although Canadian Police, and Canadians, no doubt still worship in numbers the shooting of Nova Scotia last month, which killed 22 people, Gentlemen to attend now the topic of "service inquiry" the Lethbridge Police Service.


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