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The diminishing dog-petter activity is undermining the function of Twitter




For more than a year, Tristan Cooper has including which video games allow player characters to NPC dogs. In February, Dan Marshall and Ben Ward were started In The Lair of Clockwork God, a funny point-and-click adventure with random encounters that purposely discourage Cooper's efforts.

But Cooper won! Also (spoiler alert) In The Lair of the Clockwork God, you can treat a dog.

Marshall, who made it in 2017 made a very good game Look at the Rickets! hit Twitter this week in despair, shocked at Cooper's willingness to give his dog a head game. "The dog, and the existential difficulty of petting a dog, is fully incorporated into the game with the intention of trampling on the Can You Pet Dog," Marshall admitted.

Cooper didn't take it for granted! Or maybe he did? Either way, add another game to the list of topics where, of course, you might like dogs.

Cooper is currently involved in documenting which video games with waterfalls the player can play in the background. Marshall's Studio, Fifth Game The devil's kiss. That is billed as a prelude to the story inside In The Lair of the Clockwork God, where Dan and Ben's protesters "meet in high school and soon find themselves in a deadly dilemma involving some demons."


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