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The latest major movies you may have missed




Sweetheart, Shadow of the Moon, and One Cut of the Dead are some amazing movies you need to see.
Picture: Universal, Netflix, Shudder

The the beginning of a new year it always means that things slow down in the arena. Holiday vacation too award-winning movies is not playing, but once you see it, the selection is very limited. What makes you a movie lover? Go back, we say. Go back.

Below, we've compiled a list of the 22 movies released in the last year or to check. Some of them you may have missed, perhaps you have never heard of. The few you certainly have. But all are 100 percent worth the watch and the rest are drugs nearby.

Cleopatra Coleman at In the Shadow of the Moon.
Pictures: Netflix

In the Shadow of the Moon

One of our favorite sci-fi films of 2019 at this time is starring in films starring Boyd Holbrook, Cleopatra Coleman, Bokeem Woodbine, and Michael C. Hall. It's about a detective who constantly tries to solve crime every nine years. The action kills someone, the story goes well, and we can't believe no one talked about it last year. Watch it: Streaming on Netflix.

One Cut Of The Dead

We block the line of this for a while now we'll do it again. It's a zombie comic work in a much bigger way than meets the eye. Seriously. Check it out, but be sure to give it at least 30 minutes. Watch it: Stream on Shudder, and free regional Blu-ray.


Outside the studio is discarded DJD.Dillard's amazing movie doesn't mean it should. It is Predator it blends in Discard starring Kiersey Clemons, which is a wonderful combination. Watch it: Streaming on Netflix, and on digital download platforms.


The mysterious creature hits a single block in this awesome Argentinian movie that lives up to its title. You can lose some sleep while watching this one, which is a total recommendation. Watch it: Streaming on Shudder, and on digital download platforms.

Possession of a King

The fact is that the director of Attack the Block

he returned last year with his second film, a fantasy run by Arthurian children – with wings of Sir Patrick Stewart, and less! —That no one thought it strange. This movie totally enjoyable. Watch it: Broadcast on Hulu, as well as on Blu-ray and all standard streaming platforms.

A Captive World

After The Rise of the Planet Earth, director Rupert Wyatt was cautious when he returned to sci-fi. His Choice: This is a short, unexpected story of a country after an alien invasion. It has been hit or miss by critics but, to us, it is very attacking. Watch it: Blu-ray and digital download services.


This wisdom takes the ordinary X-Men the idea is disappearing under the radar this past year, but it's a bizarre, beautifully moving movie made by newcomer Lexy Kolker. Watch it: Blu-ray and digital download services.


If you like sci-fi that makes you think, check it out Starfish, who follows a woman to her country at her best friend's funeral, wakes up the next morning, and everyone is gone. But her deceased friend has left her tapes. Watch it: Broadcast on Amazon Prime and Hulu, and on Blu-ray.

Instant color

We put Instant color– The story of a woman (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) who hides her senior officials for fear of persecution – on our list 10 best superhero movies of the decade

. What else do you need? That's great! Watch it: Broadcast on Amazon Prime and Hulu, and on Blu-ray.


This one is actually mine. It's an awesome sci-fi movie coming out last year that I didn't miss and I wanted to see it. It tells the story of a trip to Mars that went wrong, and I was told it was pretty cool. Watch it: Broadcast on Hulu, and on digital download platforms.

Rainbow Racing Art

Technically, this is not a sci-fi film. But is reference to a dog having human imagination and possibly rebirth? Yes. So I'm going to let it go, especially because it's a well-made, action-packed movie, especially if you're an animal lover. Watch it: On Blu-ray platforms and many unlocking platforms.

Tigers Are Not Afraid

A group of orphaned children through the exploitation of a Mexican drug cart are forced to stick together and begin to turn myths into reality for survival. This is a is a wonderful, beautiful film is set in a grim, cruel truth. It's a way of looking at it. Watch it: Streaming on Shudder, and on digital download platforms.

Don't Let Go

The suspect (David Oyelowo) murdered by his nephew (Storm Reid) begins receiving calls from him earlier in this twisty, turny ode to Memento and Usually. It is known but involved. Watch it: Blu-ray and digital download services.

Tall Grass

Based on the novel by Stephen King and Joe Hill's son, the tournament follows a group of ordinary people (including Patrick Wilson and Locke and keysS Laysla De Oliveira) who is drawn to the tall grass and can find its way out. What they get, however, is a pretty shocking and wonderful thing. Watch it: Streaming on Netflix.

Memory: The Origins of Aliens

If you love sci-fi, odds are you like Ridley Scott & # 39; s A foreigner. And if you will A foreigner and I haven't seen this script that is totally entertaining and thought-provoking, so you have something exciting to come. Watch it: On Blu-ray and digital download services.

Level 16

A group of young girls grow up in a sterile environment and are trained to be good girls. That would be wrong with that unless, everything? Level 16 it is a confusing, shocking and entertaining film with some powerful things to say. That's fine. Watch it: Streaming on Hulu, and on Blu-ray and digital download services.

In the end, here are some great Hollywood releases you've heard for sure but you probably haven't been around to see it yet – but it's all totally worth the watch for a variety of reasons. It's all on Blu-ray and digital download.

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