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These Original Diablo III Screens Are Darker Than We Have




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Screen: Blizzard (Oscar Cuestas)

The former Blizzard North artist recently shared it a "new" set of screens from the original version, which can be downloaded for Devil III. Much like that Previous disposal, show a continuation of the dark, gothic beauty of the game's past, details that many felt were lost Devil III launched in 2012.

Devil III He was growing in Blizzard North in early 2000 until the project was disbanded and moved to Blizzard sometime in 2005. The game unveiled in 2008 was subsequently released four years later criticized being more colorful and bright compared to previous romps, leaving fans wondering what it would be like if Blizzard North were able to see its vision Devil III

to the end.

Thanks to former Blizzard North artist Oscar Cuestas, we can now have the best view of a poorly performing studio work. Cuestas was assigned new shows & # 39; Screenshots from the project, focusing mainly on environmental art.

These photos are from 2005, the tail end of Blizzard North's time Devil III, and so are the iconic depictions of the series such as the muted color palettes, the gothic texture, and the intricate texture. These goods were originally uploaded last year but are highly sequential PureDiablo only found them this week.

"At the time, the models were very low and we only use color maps," Cuestas explains in another article. Kotaku reached out to the artist for more information, but we'll hear it again.

While Devil III we found in 2012 it was not a strange departure from some of the most influential fans that made it what it was, in fact there was a clear clear divide between that game and its predecessors. In any case, it's nice to look back to where Blizzard North was Devil III before the new party takes over.

You can see more screenshots on Cuesta ArtStation personal page.


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