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Warzone Rewards Screen Requirements




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Obviously I get tons of cool shit after all Call of Duty: Warzone a game. However, it is difficult to appreciate any of it as a huge overhaul of bonuses and flag openingson the screen after each match.

I've been playing a lot Warzone after trying one or two games back when it first came out, and I can't figure out how busy your recent game results screen is. The XP bonuses, the new position at the top, and the delivery of their firearms are delivered in kind and clear fire hose. I love watching a good video game meter, and would like to be rewarded for my hard work, though WarzoneThe results screen feels like a mess.

If you don't believe me, or haven't played much Warzone personally, here's what I experienced after scoring 20 in a recent quads game where I didn't do that well:

I went from grade 13 to 19 and opened a huge rifle, guns and grenades. The blue meter continued to roll out and filled the relay. After that I was put in a referral to the seasonal struggle to see what unusual robbery I would unlock if I paid To activate the extra cash to upgrade to a premium type. (A bag full of fake, game-by-game money.)

After that it returned to the screen for game results after multiple unlocks. In this case I found a 5.56 assault rifle with a 2 2 reflex followed by a lower MP5 rifle, both sporty and beige mountain leather. I'm sure they are both good shots, but after a while the painted metal ring all starts to work together.

That does not mean that much thought is missing from this continuum. It is actually described. While getting XP to edit and unlock new things is a clear assumption that many online games have somehow been adopted, WarzoneSpinach in it is full of added wrinkles.

Image of an article entitled Call Of Duty: Warzone / Reward Screen Needs to Chill

Warzone it actually has two types of XP: Weapon XP and standard RP. Weapon XP organizes your weapons during the game, while regular XP organizes your account without them. For the last mention, you can earn XP by doing things during a game, such as killing enemies; by completing on a specific mission, such as obtaining a specific amount of bombing; or challenges, such as eliminating a certain number of contracts during a game.

This, on the other hand, means that you can turn up every night by killing strangers Warzone to enter spreadsheet function when preparing the fastest way to get the most XP. On the other hand, it means that you will get XP for XP whether or not you try. Did I mention that you get a huge XP bonus by simply hanging the match until all your team friends have been killed?

Image of an article entitled Call Of Duty: Warzone / Reward Screen Needs to Chill

There are two points to all this. The first is to slowly unlock more firearms and equipment so you have more options to customize your luggage and something to keep working on. Warzone it's a battle of struggle, limited to the words of the game – looting, raising, and surviving, so you gain access to this mid-game, after you've earned enough money and lost. (With the spoils, you can get this build up pretty quickly, but it's not something to justify & # 39; pure warfare & # 39; I'm after).

The second point is to make you feel good. And feel good I do. After the first position, the bar goes up, and then my XP pours in from all sorts of places, eventually causing the thunder of an invisible stamp of approval. Then my unlocking comes through to the clutter of the integrated repair machine. The chemical lessons that come into my brain, and the feeling of accomplishment gently put me on, as in every other game I play with these types of rewards screens (read: many of them). But then it goes on, on, and lately I'm not enjoying the numbers going up like drinking hot, dry beer, but instead trying to catch my breath like a Keystone Lite gun tank comes out of my nose.

Perhaps there is an exciting time between these two perfect frameworks. It is possibleWarzone eventually I will find you. Until then I will be working on copying my mini-Bass Pro Shop gear.


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