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Westworld 2 episode throws Game of Thrones and Jurassic Park Easter egg in one place




New Easter egg news Westworld it's not really a surprise. The show's audiences are references, hidden meanings, and greetings in all genres and wherever they are.

But the second episode of Season 3 produced something unusual: a three-part Easter egg.

(Vol. note: This post contains spoilers for Westworld season 2 episode and in the 1976 film The future is coming.)

Like Maeve's plot in the episode, which is still an imitation in the cast, WestworldThe brand has released a similar strategy with episode references. While Maeve was among Serac's version of Westworld, the show has gone all the way to the point of reference in old movies and the HBO series.

The first clue is about the bigger picture you can find. The presence of Medievalworld, seen by Bernard and Stubbs as they pass through Delos, is a theme in the 1976 film The future is coming, the first sequence Westworld movie.

The future is coming It follows two journalists invited instead of reopening Delos to review it and prove to the public that it's safe – after the disaster of the Westworld park robots' rebellion in the original movie. One of the new parks is there The future is coming

by Medievalworld.

As it turns out, in the film, Delos copies the guests' DNA to make themselves cats without their knowledge. Towards the end of the movie, one of the commentators kisses the other as a way of finding out whether or not he or she is – sounds normal?

But creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan don't stop there with Easter eggs. Perhaps the most notable episode of the episode came when Bernard and Stubbs roamed the halls of Delos. In another room of the Medievalworld labs that are about to close, there are two experts talking next to them. The duo is none other than that Game of Thrones Co-creators of the TV-series, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. They both discuss selling one of Medievalworld's new attractions as the cameras add to their title: a large black and red dragon, looking suspiciously like Drogon, straight Game of Thrones

. In a behind-the-scenes video that comes after the episode, Joy says that Dan and Dave were both really good games until they let them borrow a dragon.

Drogon from Game of Thrones is making a cameo for the season of Westworld 3 episode 2

Picture: HBO

While the two appearances on the show, especially with maybe-Drogon in tow, will be an excellent intra-HBO reference in its own right, this Easter egg is planning to another level. Dan, that's D.B. Weiss character name in Westworld, he mentions that he's made a deal to sell maybe – Drogon to a small start in Costa Rica. Now, which company would want to buy the biggest grocery store in Costa Rica? It's probably InGen, a genetic company founded by John Hammond, who would go on to acquire Jurassic Park in Costa Rica's fictional Isla Nublar.

If the Jurassic Park reference feels like a left field out here, it could mean that the first Jurassic Park novel was written by Michael Crichton, the original author and director Westworld movie. So even though they're not sure they're talking about InGen and Jurassic Park in this episode Westworld, it's probably safe to say that we got the joke they were going with.

And there you have it, a reference, placed on a reference, placed on a reference that does Westworld The second episode of the year. As an added bonus, these references and their unique style at the top of the figure correspond to Maeve's character in the episode, which gives the entire cast of Maeve a must-hear feel in War World and a weird version of Delos. When the Easter eggs were opened Westworld not new, they rarely work this successfully to set the tone for viewers.

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