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Why Valve Appears & # 39; In Multiple & # 39; Half-Life 3s




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Half-Life: Alyx he is out today. It's the first time Half life a game since 2007 Half-Life 2: Episode 2—the tangible reality given that Episode Two it should have been followed Episode Three in short order, and now, in my opinion of the cyberpunk future, 2020. This does not mean, however, that Valve did not try. Try it over and over again, actually.

Half-Life: Alyx is a starting point, not a sequel, but in a recent interview, Valve composer Robin Walker and painter Tristan Reidford told Kotaku that over the years the company has tried many times to keep up with the story Half-Life 2: Episode Two he resigned.

“There were a lot of things that people were working on, at the time, which they considered as the following parts Half life, ”Said Walker on the Skype video call. "One of the problems they all face, Half life it has always been IP where I think we had a desire to settle for a certain combination of technology and art that has grown on its own. ”

Original Half life, he explained, was an attempt to tell the most interesting stories about the shooters, while Half-Life 2 developed into characters and elements for physics. The Half-Life 2 episodes, meanwhile, featured an opportunity to & # 39; build a good & # 39; of Half-Life 2 using lessons learned during its adolescence. When it came time to start working Episode Three

, however, no one can come up with a sense of solidarity with the idea of ​​"# 39; surprise, or opening, or expansion & # 39; used Half life inside.

“At the time, we felt like Episode Three knowing it can't be just a piece, ”Walker said. "It should have been much bigger than that."

"There was never a document that said & # 39; Here's what this third episode will be like. & # 39; There was no document from Marc about & # 39; Here's the exact thing that needs to happen. & # 39;"

Many groups have tried, but Walker said nothing has ever stuck. Walker he was hesitant to disclose details about those projects, but pointed to one product of those efforts, despite the beliefs of the followers, has never climbed to great Half life book list: The third epistle. Back in 2017, Valve's longtime writer Marc Laidlaw, who left the company in 2016, publicly posted an apparently "wish" Half-Life 2More story Episode Two

. At the time, Walker was surprised to see the story written, because as far as he knew, no one had decided where he would end up. Half-Life 2: Episode Three, either Half-Life 3, whatever you want to call it, don't let anything else about it.

“I remember thinking that I didn't think that was what we had planned Episode Three at all, & # 39; "Walker said." So I guess my reaction The third epistle for the most part & # 39; Oh, I've seen these kinds of things from Marc before. & # 39; They are like throwing away something he thought about then. There was no document that said & # 39; Here it is Episode Three to be the same. & # 39; There was no document from Marc about & # 39; Here is exactly what needs to happen. & # 39; Instead, there was a lot of documentation. "

In the end, Valve decided to do it Half-Life: Alyx because developers are finally getting their technical problem in search of a creative solution: a virtual reality.

"This is not the same hidden problem as & # 39; Hey, we're working Half-Life 3. Why should anyone play Half-Life 3? & # 39; "said Walker." It was a relief.

Now that Half-Life: Alyx finally out the door, Valve has officially returned from power-raising, It covers-the shell Half life business. And while nothing has been set in stone for any company this shortly after the game's release – the smallest of the Valve, it's a powerful canner for many secret projects – a lot Half life it may be on its way.

"We really enjoyed doing this game, and I think we really like to continue doing more games like this," Walker said.

Working for you Alyx, notes Reidford, leaving Valve in a very different position than when the parties were pushing for a new defense Half life projects that remain fruitless.

"During development, all these stories we have been telling ourselves," Reidford said. “Usually there are very few arteries that help us to design something. It's a lot of fun working there, and you can come up with more ways for these little issues than you can do. So there has been the notion that & # 39; Well, let's put a PIN on that, because we'll have to move the game. & # 39; … So there are lots of fun little ideas that have been gaining ground over the last three years. I think it will be really fun to move on. ”

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