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Wolcen allows me to jump from battle to mage without having to restart




Though it comes in reaching early about four years ago, Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem swept to the top of the Steam charts. Wolcen it doesn't bring much newness to high RPGs, but it manages to set itself apart by allowing me to change my class whenever I want. It's nice to not waste a ton of time from the start.

Wolcen it is a sad traditional-trick game. I take my strange character and his useless weapons into the hole to complete the quest, return to the city when I finish, and head to the land to find another hole.

Wolcen players fight a monster like a butcher

The player is fighting an army of demons
Photo: Wolcen Studio

But wordplay feels inconsistent. Small, flying enemies cause my buttons to click thanks to the wonky hitboxes. My attacks are slow, but my dodge-roll is fast, which gives me a strange fighting rhythm that I'm not used to. The melee combat doesn't feel accurate, which makes the moments I die in battle frustrating – or I may never come back again.

Most of my frustration came as a melee player, a decision I made early in the game. When I did my character earlier WolcenThe presentation, asked me which weapon I wanted to launch – sword and shield, magic staff, or bow.

In Wolcen, your weapon is your category. As a longtime Barber in Devil 3, I have spent a lot of my time with Wolcen as a melee user. But once I changed my character to use more magical skills and fight from a distance, I couldn't believe how good the fight sounded.

Wolcen lightning attack

The war between the soldiers
Photo: Wolcen Studio

I'm glad I made the change without having to restart my game, but I wish it didn't cost nearly all my money to do it. To reset my calculations, I need a lot of money – be it the gold I get from the ground or the Primordial Affinity I earn from selling unwanted skills in the city. My gear also needs refreshment before I can change my gaming style – if they were preparing me for a melee, all gear pieces have the wrong magic of a good magic user. And besides combining mage skills, I was selling them instead – needing to buy a new one in the store or play with a few skills in my bar. But with enough gold and patience, my mysterious character from the melee fiend I started with.

The beauty of Wolcen it means that starting a new gaming style does not necessarily end with hours of content you've already played just before returning to where you were.

Action-RPG fans, Wolcen it represents another offering placed somewhere in the middle How to Expel and Devil 3. It is not easy that looking at a competent medicine makes you feel dizzy How to Expel it does, but has plans for a deeper role than that Devil 3.

With Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem allowing endless customization and approval, Method of dismissal 2 is coming soon, too Devil 4 sometime in the future, it's a great time to become an action-RPG type lover.

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