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World of War: The Showslands & # 39; Torghast will not force permanent grinding




Torghast, the tower of the Damned, is one of the biggest, newest inside The World of War: Shadowlands, the eighth largest increase in MMO. An endless hole – which allows players to continue to use, gain strength, and start from the beginning of success or failure – takes inspiration from others The World of WarGreat successes, such as Mythic + and Mage Tower. But more than anything, Torghast solves the problem of infinity Land of Wars grind in a balanced way.

Polygon spoke with Blizzard's great game designer, Paul Kubit about the rewards, the structure, and how Torghast can change to fit any player.

Grinding Myths

Blizzard Paul Kubit

World's Greatest War Composer, Paul Kubit
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

One of the biggest problems with The World of War more so many more that there is so much more to do. Both Legion and The battle of Azeroth it had endless rating systems with Artifact and the heart of Azeroth, which resulted in severe burns.

Instead of unlimited grinding, Torghast offers finished Leanary items – it looks like there are computers every week, so hardcore players don't burn out. Players can use these items to build their Book items. While we have no examples of Legendaries in Shadowlands however, Legion provided powerful tools such as The Wish of Kil & # 39; jayeden, allowing players to launch a powerful meteor on the enemy every 15 seconds.

But while everyone will want to choose Leanary, many Legendaries can choose it.

Kubit told us that players who love Torghast can come in weekly and collect a maximum number of Legendary items, with the aim of building an entire Legendary in every situation. But when introduced, players can equip one Myth at a time. Players interested in mode can enter, get their Leanary one, and work on endgame tasks.

This "wide game," as Kubit puts it, should give dedicated players a reason to keep playing, while allowing careless players to jump into a different mode.

Of course, Kubit and the team understand that for every player who has the desire to jump to find a single Legendary, there are plenty of others who will want to grind Torghast as hard as anyone can. Kubit told us that these players would have ways to show how much they had completed and to be proud of how good they were in the new mode. "There are no current plans for the board of directors (Torghast)," Kubit said. "But you better bet those things that are on our list of good things to happen in the future."

Like all things with Shadowlands

alpha, Kubit and team are seeking feedback on features that players may want to see added, modified, or improved.

Solo players are cheering

World of War: Shadowlands

Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard created Torghast to be a player-reviewed item over time Shadowlands. And unlike invasions, Mythic + mines, or other endgame, quest tasks, Torghast is part of the quest.

"This is a good thing," Kubit said. “And so we want to make sure that this is something that a young person does Yeah, or the person who played it Yeah there is a lot but we just love to play, (…) that this is something they can't play once and say & # 39; Wow, this is not mine. & # 39; ”

At the highest level, The World of War it's a game about puzzling your character, hitting high DPS numbers, and working hard to bring down the boss in the team. But most relaxed players often spend their time alone, without attack, working to build their characters. Legion and War because Azeroth It has made it difficult, as tying together and drilling holes is one of the best ways to improve your Artifact.

In Shadowlands, Myths are equally important, powerful things to have. But players will not need to step outside of their comfort zone to pick up a powerful new tool for their character. The Torghast scale is based on how big your party is, and offers the same rewards regardless of party size – although Kubit told us that running with a party might be easier than going to the establishment. But players should not feel punished for how they choose to play – or who they choose to play with – as they play endless spaces.

Torghast is an entirely new thing The World of War: An endless mode that doesn't commit to the weekly work of the months at the end. It doesn't matter how cool or cool the mode is Land of Warcrafthat is, MMO is the first type of game – you do the best for your character, even if it pleases you. Torghast offers the first exit point where you are still giving the right rewards, and choosing as the catalyst for continued digestion.

It's a lesson learned by Blizzard over four years of players' confusion, and the formation to be one ShadowlandsExcellent features.

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