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A new version of Bloodborne would arrive on PlayStation 5, but not as you imagine



A new version of Bloodborne would arrive on PlayStation 5, but not as you imagine

A few weeks ago, a rumor about a possible port of Bloodborne to PC however, many questioned the veracity of this information, since the exclusivity of this title of FromSoftware carries with PlayStation already five years.

And while many dismissed this rumor, it looks like it could come true, and in fact be part of a much bigger project.

The rumor about a remastered version of Bloodborne

In Twitter the user @CaseyExplosion confirmed that there will be a port of PC for Bloodborne in its remastered version.

And this same enhancement will also be available to PS5, this news would be one of the revelations in the event that Sony

postponed for Playstation 5.

If this information turns out to be true we could expect a version in HDR, with 4K resolution and many more frames per second in addition to shorter loading times.

Recall that charging time was an issue when launched Bloodborne, so an improvement with all the advantages of PS5 They would definitely suit the game.

And while everything might seem rosy, there is one issue that fans should pay attention to.

Who is in charge of this port?

Apparently, this remaster of Bloodborne not being conducted by a study SoulsborneThat is, another developer is the one who is putting this title to the point, for its launch in PC and PS5.

Although the rumor indicates that it is a good study, the name was not wanted to reveal.

Some community members thought it might be Bluepoint, the same from Shadow of the Colossus, but this was quickly denied since they seem to be more linked to a remake of Demon’s Souls.

We just have to wait, because if it were true we would have the announcement as soon as the revelation event of the PS5.

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