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Amazon Mexico already has the PS5 listed with a not very encouraging price



Amazon Mexico already has the PS5 listed with a not very encouraging price

In different media and social networks an image began to circulate where you can see the price that the PS5 at portal of Amazon Mexico. Colleagues with experience in advanced design and use of Photoshop They tell us that the image is as real as a banknote fresh from the bank.

Just to give you an idea, it is an image related to the PS5 very similar to the one seen on Amazon France. The price? The chances of it being real are very high for several reasons: the floating price of the dollar and the adjustments of the distributor in Mexico.

With this in mind, it is already possible to anticipate that the PS5 in Mexico it would cost the not inconsiderable amount of 15,999 pesos with taxes included. When would it come out? November 20, a not so crazy date because we are talking about a Friday before Thanksgiving.

On the other hand, we cannot rule out that it is preliminary information that it receives Amazon and that does not confirm anything in particular. In the end, the person in charge of registering the product only did its job and this usually happens with hundreds of products.

It only remains to wait to know if that will be the price of the console in Mexico, a detail that does not sound so farfetched.

PS5: Is that really the price for Mexico?

Let's do some memory. When the PS4 Pro premiered in Mexico

had a price of 13.000 MXN. Yes, it was a high price, but, that's how it turned out. Almost three years later, the console is worth 10,000, which is still somewhat higher.

Xbox One X It also had a high price in Mexico during its launch and at this time its price is below 10,000 MXN. The question is the following: does the price Amazon will it be attractive enough?

It only remains to wait for Sony Interactive Entertainment finally reveal the release date of the PS5as well as the price. Surely many will even try to import it to find the cheapest cost, but it looks very complicated.

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