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Analysts predict that the new generation premiere will be affected




PS5 Blu-ray discs


The advent of a new generation of vibrators sounds louder and louder. Name Playstation 5 y Xbox Series X it has gone beyond what is known and is expected of even players. Especially if other companies have already allowed us to preview upcoming games. However, there are some points to expect this talk will not be as expected.

Critics are less confident when it comes to PS5 and Xbox Series X releases and what we are used to. Also, although they have previously said that the video game industry can benefit from sanitation restrictions, they are now thinking this can reduce initial sales

of the consoles.

The production of anchors will be affected by the current situation

Niko Partners shared a report with investors presenting their video game market assessments ahead of the upcoming Christmas campaign. In this case they say that they are still afraid of Sony and Microsoft have limits when providing units

shops, which can block the income generated by these new comforters. All because, as is well known, 90% of the production is made in China.

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X

This data has some drawbacks to the current situation as outbreaks can force factories to close again set limits on the number of employees, as well as stop production. They reiterate that, in the absence of production problems, they may have some limitations in terms of distribution.

These aforementioned problems will, as analysts say, inflation. In fact, Daniel Ahmad, a senior analyst and responsible for the report, says it is possible for companies to reach out set a price under $ 400 without taking a big loss. However, this is data with no evidence from companies, so we will have to wait for new details in the future.

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