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Avoid injury from video games




How many times will we have ignored the poster that recommends you rest every 15 minutes after an hour of play, the one that recommends us to play in a well-lit room or place us at a safe distance from the screen. More and more injuries are occurring because we do not follow good guidelines when playing video games, so we are going to explain how we can avoid them.

Surely you have heard of carpal tunnel syndrome, a pain in the wrist due to the repetition of the same movement multiple times. It usually occurs for abusing long gaming sessions in which we do not offer rest to the wrist. Too Those users who play on mobiles or tablets are more vulnerable

. To prevent this type of injury, it is recommended to stretch your hands and wrists before starting to play and between session and game session.

The pains that come from the back, shoulders and neck are usually due to the use of bad postures when we sit down. PC players tend to stoop and console players often use positions where they rest their elbows on the knee and lower their heads. The best solution for this is to avoid uncomfortable postures, sit with your back straight and place the monitor at a distance where we do not need to bend down or raise our heads too high to see it.

A good distance from the monitor and adequate lighting they also help combat eye strain, that can be produced by exposing ourselves too long to the emissive light from these screens.


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