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Bethesda releases the first & # 39; DOOM Forever update & # 39;




The good news is going on in these coronavirus times and this time the developer of Bethesda Softworks has announced the launch of the first update to the fun & # 39; DOOM Eternal & # 39;

It's so wide and detailed it is a description of the content of this first update, which brings in tons of great things starting with powerful new demons coupled with many levels of difficulty to deal with.

One of the notable features is Batlemlem mode, which as many of you may already know, is an asymmetric online multiplayer game that combines conflict in the field of a Doom Slayer player against two demons dominated by other competitors.

As expected, the demons have a lot of defensive abilities and one of these calls the other demon kings at risk that if they let him summon more, he will fill the map with pure enemies to play alone.

Some extra ingredients

But coming back to this first review, it also brings with it an event called precious metal that will allow them to find the most unique and best cosmetics that will help significantly improve the game.

It will also include a report that will be a list of deaths of the player, which will tell a lot about his reputation as a good demon killer and will enable him to earn the honorary stars that will appear under each participant card.

Also noteworthy is the inclusion of advances in participants' health status, which, among other things, will be able to cross directly into the pools to eliminate much of the enemy's toxicity.

Without a doubt, this review promises a lot because everything that advances in & # 39; DOMOM Forever & # 39; s going to be great for a title like this where conflicts contain twisted battles to fill titles and blood of demons in the arena.


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