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Blue Memory Infinite is coming with the Xbox Series X later this year.




The first game that was shown during Inside Xbox was Blue Memory: Infinite, a title that was announced a few weeks ago but few know about it. And it's a classic as FYQD Studios is a one-man show, its first game, Blue Memory, was released on Steam on March 15 but without the background marketing work it was a bit difficult.

Still, many turned to watch the game when they learned that it was made by one person and that it had impressive graphics, shown today looking much better and accompanied by an announcement from the developer alone. Blue Memory would expand with episodes from time to time but no longer, that development was canceled to focus on Bright Memory: The Infinite will be better and more detailed.

Exciting new gameplay

The gameplay shown today was running on the Xbox Series X, looks better than the original title, is a first-person shooter with lots of action, with melee-armed enemies, occasional heroes, As well as long-range gunners and snipers, quite a lot of different, unusual indie gameplay. .

Light Memory: The Infinite is considered to be a reboot compared to the first one and is discovered in 2036 when a series of supernatural forces begin to affect the atmosphere, the secret society sends a portion of its workers to investigate and what they find will endanger the world. .

In the game we control Serie, so the title, like a good reboot, will use many things from the original plot but with a new story. Seraia is one of these, as well as her importance in arms of all kinds.

It is noteworthy that the first game took about 3 or 4 hours and that it was announced that this would aim to keep you in the same, so it would be a shorter and more intense experience. Confirmed for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and now Xbox Series X.


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