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Epic Games reveals some of Fortnite Halloween skins



Epic Games reveals some of Fortnite Halloween skins
Epic Games has used the Fortnite Twitter account to share Halloween skins available
in the in-game store. There are only three but we are very skeptical that these are the only new skins we will see this month, and these are the best and worth paying for, especially if you are a Halloween lover.

The first one comes in two variants, one female and one male, which is what you can see in the image of the article and they basically turn our character into a horrible lump. This is called the Straw Stuffed Set and each costs 1500 V-Bucks, while the themed hangider costs 1200.

Zombies are coming soon

On the other hand, the third leather is called the City Senter Set and will cost 1500 V-Bucks in a backpack and pick (800 leather, 200 backpack and 500 picks). It doesn’t tell us much but we believe that soon there will be an event with Zombies, the shadows behind the pictures give them and it looks like this skin will represent the protectors of humanity.

There were also teasers of something else with the hashtag #FortniteBirthdayBash representing the third anniversary of the Fortnite war mode that turned three years ago on September 26. in Fortnite history with this tweet.

Eventually, there will be new competition in the creative mode, although this will obviously be Halloween themed. The creators have 21 October to register their island, they can learn the conditions of the competition here. We remind you that creation must be real for Epic to consider you, that is, we cannot imitate or take much inspiration from existing franchises.

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