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Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.4 adds a new test and attack mode



Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.4 adds a new test and attack mode

Square Enix make the transfer Live gives us a preview of the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV with patch 5.4, new prison attacks, standard attacks, Blue Mage upgrades and a new test mode that has been a constant application for months.

The broadcast lasts more than 3 hours and it should be noted that it is only the beginning of such a game from the 45th minute.

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In summary we have the standard update of Final Fantasy Online, the new attack prisoner is the third episode of the Eden attack made by up to eight players. Attacks will have “normal” and “wild” difficulty modes so you will have to be prepared. Along with that valley comes another long-term one called the Spiritual Relict and which will be played through the Trust system.

Werlyt's grief will come again with a new chapter and a new Trial that will reward us with a new weapon. As if that wasn't enough, there is another Real Trial that will allow us to tackle the most powerful version at the top 80 level and that seems to be a new game challenge until the next update

The upgrade also brings development to the Blue Mage who will be able to reach a higher level and will be able to learn the spells of the enemies. In addition, you will find new items with themes and weapons that will give this category more variety and flexibility.

Finally, we have a test mode that will allow us to get into all the prisons, even the Trials, to see them up close without worrying about enemies or bosses. In this mode we can visit every corner in each hole we have already conquered, even if we have mountains and ambassadors, so it is okay to take pictures.

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