Geoff Keighley, responsible for The Game Awards and Summer Game Fest, has had the opportunity to try the DualSelse, the new command of the PlayStation 5. Through a video, the presenter explains the sensations that he could experience with the control, highlighting the functioning of the haptic responses. Remember that DualSelse leaves behind traditional vibration and instead integrates a haptic system similar to the Joy-Con on the Nintendo Switch.

However, Keighley assures that Sony has integrated several haptic engines in various parts of the DualSente, which helps generate even more accurate responses. Astro’s Playroom

was the protagonist game of the hands-on; It is a technical demo that will be included for free on the PlayStation 5, and its purpose is to show players all the news that the mentioned control incorporates. Its size, by the way, will be slightly bigger than DualShock 4. You can watch the full video below:

Keighley says that haptic responses allow one to sense, for example, the passing of a sandstorm. He Touch PadFor its part, it will again be intended to perform gestures – or as an additional button -, although making use of the component will always be the final decision of the developers. The DualShock 4 also had it, and very few titles made the most of it. One of them was, in fact, The Last of Us Part II


Other curious details of the DualSense is that you can blow through the microphone to create wind and make an object move — a small mill in the case of Astro’s Playroom-. Keighley didn’t forget the adjustable triggers, mentioning that “I have never felt” something similar in a console controller. The triggers can vary their tension depending on the needs of the developers. At hands-on you can see them working when Astro wears the frog costume.

During the event, Keighley also interviewed Eric Lempel, head of global marketing for PlayStation. The manager said that the reservations of the PlayStation 5 will not arise surprisingly, as claimed by some rumors in recent weeks. “We will notify you when you can reserve the PS5”he added. Furthermore, Keighley asked if in the future we could have variants of the DualSense in other colors, to which Lempel replied: “We will talk about it another time.”