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Is the PlayStation 5 delayed? Sony website no longer shows release date



The PlayStation 5 could debut in 2021, as has been rumored for months. The Official site from the new console removed a line that said “It launches during the 2020 holidays”, present just a few days ago.

The Web page The PlayStation 5 has updated its static header image by an animation of the DualSense controller. With this delete the message referring to the launch window, scheduled for the end of the year. Despite the fact that Sony confirmed in recent days that we would see the PS5 in 2020, doubts have already started to arise.

The website of the PlayStation 5, 3 days apart

Rumors about a possible delay They started since the COVID-19 pandemic affected the production chain. Initially it was said that the PS5 would arrive in limited quantities during its launch at the end of the year, followed by a massive deployment during 2021


Jim Ryan, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, stated in late May that he was excited to showcase the titles we'll be playing “after the PlayStation 5 arrives during the end of the year holidays.” The announcement was made within the framework of a presentation event dated June 4, which was indefinitely postponed due to protests in the United States.

2020 is a difficult year for everyone, although more for Sony

While 2020 hit everyone equally, things seem getting too complicated for Sony. While Microsoft doesn't seem to take its finger off the line with the launch of the Xbox Series X, the Japanese manufacturer has experienced endless problems. Of the PS5 only technical specifications and the control have been revealed, while its competitor has already done the same with the design of the console and some games that will be available.

Apparently Sony never considered a plan B in its announcement calendar, something that we cannot blame since nobody thought about the scope that the COVID-19 pandemic would have. Tedious presentations – like Mark Cerny's – or Dosed ads are the reality of the PlayStation 5, a console that if the coronavirus had not existed would have debuted before E3 2020.

Manufacturing plants in Asia gradually return to normal, although now we have to get around obstacles like the economic recession and the American protests. The latter are having a direct effect in recent days on various ads.

So far there is no definite date regarding the presentation of the PS5. It is unknown if Sony will make adjustments to the postponed event in order to show the console and not just games. In the event that the PlayStation 5 launches in late 2020, it will be very difficult to get one.

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