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LRG limited sales of physical printing of Shantae and Seven Siren




Limited Run Games has announced that PlayStation 4 and Nintendo switch players will have a virtual version of Shantae and Seven Sevenths available to them. The title will also be released on PC, Mac and Xbox One, but the distributor has no plans to produce virtual copies of these platforms.

The WayForward game has been launched for several years and actually first released on Apple Arcade a few months ago, it will now arrive on tabletop platforms on May 28 in a digital way. This is something to be clear as the Microsoft Run Games will open for purchase before May 15, but will likely not ship until much later.

Lim ited program

It's worth considering if you want to buy it and play it on release date, Limited Run Games rarely sends copies of it until at least a month after the digital release of the game, and if we look at the nearness of the game launch and pandemic, it may take a long time. We also believe that it will all depend on the demand for the game, but we think there will be enough buyers for the standard genius game.

The Shantae saga is very popular on the Internet, WayForward has the insult and blessing of creating a striking character that everyone loves, a problem that his games have been overlooked or minimized. With this installment, they hope to change that a little bit, depending on the fans who strongly believe in this research that wanted support in various ways.

Shantae and Seventh Sirens is a continuation game in relation to the Shantae Half-Genie Hero, an installment of 2016, dealing with a simple platform game where art and music rise above other things. Shantae can explore areas of two dimensions and become unique creatures to overcome obstacles. Different areas tend to be more colorful, and in the case of The Seven Sirens, we will look at the islands. After that we leave the final trailer.


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