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Meet the Heroes of Skully, Rolling on PS4 August 4 – iGamesNews




It's Skully, Players will visit a bizarre island paradise almost unreadable by mankind. The striking vistas, active volcanoes, and expanding mountains are numerous, though the sanctity of this peaceful place is in danger of being destroyed because of the ongoing family conflict between the four creatures that govern the island.

Unable to resolve the dispute on its own, the goddess Terry activates the salmon bath on the beach to mediate the dispute. Given a second chance at "life" after the forceful introduction of magical pottery, the aptly named "Skully" will go through various paintings while avoiding many accidents with the help of three basic forms. Spurred on by the same power that gives this gangster life, they begin their quest to restore peace to their home under the constant supervision of Terry.

A thought of the past, Skully has been sent back to meddle in a compromise between the goddess and her three siblings whose quarrels have taken place in an island disaster that calls home. Skully's power gives the ball its own bone to spin, explode, and run at high speeds on the ground or up directly accessible to the various biomes that exist on a remote island.

Strong and blossom, of Skully strong Form has an unmatched ability that can crush enemies and obstacles. Though not part of the platform, Skully's strong form is always ready to fight and will be the primary vehicle for fighting creatures and enemies on the island. His raw power will also be crucial in demolishing barriers and walls that block Skully's road. When it comes to fighting or flying, the result should be obvious.

She has the most beautiful and most beautiful, happy-go-to-dad fast form will be crucial in solving the complex puzzle that comes between our opponent and their purpose. Given the high speed dash, the ability to move the obstacle course and the ability to create new routes, this form will be an important asset in this thread.

Smart and friendly, this form can easily slip into heights and break up large spaces that connect the island to uneven pieces. With this unique mobility, Skully can go out and get involved when frustrated and explore certain parts of the island that were not accessible by itself or with the help of other means.

Together, Skully and the three species open up a new world of player possibilities, and each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses, the interactions between them will be crucial in order to thrive in a dangerous island environment.

You can get your first glimpse of gameplay in our publicity forum and keep an eye out for more Skully news leading up to the August 4 launch.


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