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Microsoft is not interested in selling more Xbox Series X than PS5



Microsoft is not interested in selling more Xbox Series X than PS5

In case it is still not clear, Microsoft you have a much different vision than your competition in terms of what you want for the next generation of consoles; they are not looking for more Xbox Series X than PS5.

This was revealed by the boss of Xbox, Phil Spencer, in the program Animal Talking where the also executive of the video games division of Microsoft praised Nintendo for its legacy in video games.

The speech of Phil Spencer about Xbox as brand every day is clearer and more forceful, since it is not about how many Xbox Series X sell instead of PS5It's more about how the user should feel about Microsoft video games.

First of all, Phil Spencer declares that he wants users to feel like Xbox members and that is not just having to have an Xbox Series X to play the latest Halo, as they can also enjoy it from a cell phone or PC.

What you search Phil Spencer is that users feel part of the brand and not just another number of a person who bought a console. In other words, they prefer a withholding over the amount.

Xbox Series X will not get into the traditional console war

Since the first console war that took place between the Sega Genesis and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, there is always talk of sales numbers and how the one with the most ‘is the clear winner'.

One would suppose that this phenomenon would continue between Xbox Series X and PS5, but, it seems that the issue is more about services and that is what Microsoft wants, that you are part of Game Pass to bring the experience everywhere.

If traditional console warfare were our focus, we wouldn't be putting our games on PC, on Xbox One, we wouldn't have xCloud or letting people play on their cell phones.‘Spencer added.

It is a fact that Phil Spencer He wants with all his desire that the public understand perfectly the message that Xbox wants and what can be achieved through Xbox Series X, however, it seems that this will not be a very easy task to perform.

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