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Ninja Group Announces & # 39; Nioh 2 & # 39; A Game Transferred For A Million Copies




Ninja developer team announced through its creative director, Tom Lee, that the sale of the & # 39; Nioh 2 & # 39; over one million copies have been sold worldwide, which has brought great satisfaction to all the workers involved in the creation. of the title.

Like any good company that wants to maintain the integrity of its users, Team Ninja took this opportunity to inform Tom Lee that, in order to celebrate this good news, they will be launching a title update that will introduce a new approach to photo mode and new functionality.

Image mode will allow players to include screenshots of games made with the tools used for that particular moment, and to make leaks that involve image editing, among other details.

As for the reunion, he explained that they would be about nine and that the challenges they had were enormous. When a creative director calls "great" they are expected to be numerous, because those who have played the original title will know that one of their trademarks was the level of great difficulty moving forward, which required great skill and strategy from the players, a fact that heightened the public's enthusiasm for the title.

The machines will continue

Tom Lee also mentioned three DLCs that will be coming out sometime in the coming months and that they will have "really hard" content, words that in some will provoke excitement and some disappointment, as it wouldn't be the first game left of its own difficulty to finish on the journey, but hopefully in this case most accept the challenge.

The art director explained that the content would also feature new bosses and weapons as well as a powerful weapon among its effects, transforming the characters' strengths, making it very scary.

Finally, he said that the first of the DLC will be available from July 30 and will be titled & # 39; The Tengu & # 39; s Disciple & # 39 ;, without expecting anything from the remaining two.


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