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PlayStation achieves the most liked tweet in history for delaying PS5 event



PlayStation achieves the most liked tweet in history for delaying PS5 event

In the past, PlayStation He stirred social networks with the most unlikely ads, this time, he did it again and with something that generated a lot of controversy: the delay in the presentation of the games that will appear in the launch window of the PS5.

The current situation in the United States is very delicate and, like other companies dedicated to entertainment, PlayStation decided to make the decision to delay a key presentation for the PS5 and what the fans wanted to see.

Now, according to the different statistics at hand, that tweet from the official account of PlayStation He put a mark that perhaps will not be surpassed in a long time, that yes, lowered to a line of content dedicated only to video games.

The tweet published at 1:36 pm Central time on June 1 has the not inconsiderable amount of 540.2 thousand likes and 150.7 thousand retweets, which had not happened before with a topic dedicated to video games.

Although this was a hard blow for video gamers, the situation warrants it and the circumstances should favor more exposure of the situation in the United States.

Will we have the PlayStation presentation soon?

A detail that we must not lose sight of is that Sony should already have the presentation of the PS5 games ready. If we take into account that The Last of Us Part 2 premieres on June 19, perhaps, after that date, PlayStation will release that transmission of more than an hour.

This is just an assumption, because making a broadcast in one more week could overshadow the release of The Last of Us Part 2, so it is best for Sony to take their time and see that the stage is conducive to the presentation.

It only remains to wait for Sony Interactive Entertainment to tell us when it will present the games and, of course, also the exact release date and the price of the PS5, which is what worries us the most.

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What do you think of this situation? Do you think Sony made the best decision? Don't forget to share your comments.


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