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PlayStation pays more than Xbox to get exclusives



PlayStation pays more than Xbox to get exclusives

One of the strengths of PlayStation are the exclusive ones and, you will not let us lie, that largely titles such as Uncharted, The Last of Us, God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn were responsible for the success of the PS4.

The strategy of Sony seems to be heading that way again, now with PS5Well, we already saw that soon we will have titles like Spider-Man: Miles Morales, to make the leap to this new console.

However, have you ever wondered what is behind this strategy?

Part of the answer to it was revealed through the forums of Resetera, in the voice of important figures within the industry.

Sony's strategy based on the exclusives for the PS5

This time it is about former Editor of Game Informer, Imran Khan, who responded to a couple of comments about Sony as follows:

I don't like coming to threads where I'm mentioned and usually people are not polite, but I will respond.

Yes, echoing what they have said. There is no third-party that Sony has failed to approach, and to ask what kind of deal might work.‘, he pointed out.

He also added that they sometimes look to developers for content, or games, or both.

Also, it's not that Microsoft was not willing to do the same, but they have not wanted to pay the established prices, because Sony approached from the beginning offering much more.

Sony is looking to establish strategies such as ‘the PlayStation advantage' or ‘Console Exclusive' as a personal brand, and which it plans to project greatly in the coming years.

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PlayStation and Xbox have different sales strategies

However, beyond the misnamed ‘console war', it actually seems that Sony and Microsoft they have different goals.

Well while PlayStation will seek to position itself again as the best-selling console of this generation; Xbox is betting on growing in the service area.

How to increase your number of subscriptions in Game Pass y Game Pass Ultimate, as well as better develop Project xCloud.

It is clear that both brands will have a different approach for this new generation.

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