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Prepare your wallet: Sony will launch special televisions for the PS5



Prepare your wallet: Sony will launch special televisions for the PS5

With the arrival of the next PlayStation 5 Many users have started to wonder if it would be worth updating all their gaming equipment.

And yes, that includes television, because let's face it, there are times that no matter how powerful our console is, and how well optimized a title is, if our screen does not give the width, we are going to miss a lot.

Perhaps taking advantage of this, today the official PlayStation blog published its next release dedicated to the new screens of the line for Sony BRAVIA, which also belong to the collection ‘Ready for PlayStation 5


Through information from Sony Europe, this new label was introduced as a collaboration with Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)so you can easily select the perfect TV for the highly anticipated PS5 that we will launch later this year‘.

The specifications of the first screens

Among the first televisions'Ready for PlayStation®5Sony's featured models are included XH90 4K HDR Full Array LED y ZH8

8K HDR Full Array LED.

The XH90 displays game images with resolution up to 4K and 120fps, with an input lag of just 7.2ms.

While the ZH8 is capable of displaying incredibly detailed 8K resolution images while also being able to display 4K resolution game images at extremely smooth 120fps (specs vary by PS5 game).

And while these are some of the promises, the blog post also clarifies that many of these benefits are not yet active and will be available soon. ‘via a future firmware update for BRAVIA TVs‘.

One of the most interesting issues that these screens will have is the game mode ‘BRAVIA Game Mode‘which allows you to play automatically in PS5 with low latency. And you could even synchronize the on and off of your console and the screen.

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