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PS5 site has a change and this is proof that it could be delayed



PS5 site has a change and this is proof that it could be delayed

During 2019, through various statements, different executives of PlayStation confirmed that the PS5 was going to be during the year-end holidays of 2020. So far, with everything and the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus, Sony Interactive Entertainment sHe began to say that his new console would be ready as planned.

Today, the possibility arises that this will not happen due to a very drastic change in the main page where the PS5. As seen, the new console of PlayStation He no longer has a release date and is generating a lot of controversy among fans.

Just look at the images below where you can see that the site no longer indicates any kind of date or exit window for the PS5

. That can mean anything very bad like a drastic change to 2021 or a new redesign to cause expectation.

Official site of the PS5

On the other hand, we must remember that today a special transmission of more than one hour was going to be held where the first confirmed games for the PS5, but, the situation in the United States caused that Sony decided to postpone things.

PS5: Is it really going to be delayed?

It is true that the site where the PS5 it no longer shows an exit date or window, but it does have the legend “is coming” or, in Spanish, “it is coming”. Yes, that doesn't corroborate anything either, but, it's better than having absolutely nothing.

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Perhaps with this adjustment what they are implying is that we will soon find out about the shape of the console and we will not only be thinking about it. DualSense which is the only thing we know about the physical PS5. With all of this in mind, then we should just be patient.

Now it only remains to wait how long the entertainment industry will stop since Sony was not the only company to stop its presentations; EA did the same with Madden and many more decided to stop their ads to make room for much more important things.

With all the delays and news, are you still planning to buy a PS5? Don't forget to share your opinion in the comments!

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