AMD confirmed that he is working for produce more components for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S. In an interview with VentureBeat, Lisa Su, CEO of AMD, commented that they are delighted with the launch of the consoles and assured that make adjustments to your production line.

The manufacturer mentioned that they are trying to increase chip production capacity to meet the demand for consoles. Currently the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X face a shortage in multiple countries due to the pandemic and scalpers


A report from MyDrivers claims that AMD placed thousands of orders to the cheat Taiwanese, TSMC. The figure is between 38,000 and 40,000 processors Zen 2 with RDNA 2 graphics for Xbox Series X and S. The number of chips for PS5 is not mentioned, although it is said to be almost the same level as for Microsoft consoles.

Sony sold 3.4 million PlayStation 5s in its first month

PlayStation 5

Although there are no official sales figures, Sony mentioned a few months ago that the PlayStation 5 had the most successful launch

of all history. Analysts estimate that Sony sold 3.4 million of consoles during its first 4 weeks and production is expected to reach 18 million during 2021.

TSMC will play an important role in achieving this figure. The Taiwanese expanded its 7nm production capacity by the end of 2020 in order to supply more chips for the PlayStation 5

. With this, AMD will become TSMC’s largest 7nm customer during 2021 as Apple and other companies are migrating to 5nm.

For now the stock is released dropper and it is almost impossible to buy a console. Unlike other releases, COVID-19 and scalpers prevent users from buying a console at a base price. Given that some stores are taking measures, however, the solution will be when the inventory of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X increases.

A new consignment of 3 million consoles hit the market. Although this stock is destined for the United Kingdom, it is expected to include Spain as well. Sony will be looking to fulfill the PS5 reservations made over the past few weeks.