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Epic ensures that the PS5 will have an architecture superior to a PC




In the first presentations Summer Game Fest it was possible to see a technical demo created by Epic Games which shows us what a game might look like in PS5. This was the first time we saw something concrete for the console of Sony It should come out at the end of the year.

Now, because there must still be doubts about what the hardware of the PS5 Tim Sweeney can offer the top honcho of Epic Games, spoke of the benefits of the new console Sony Interactive Entertainment and praised the architecture of this new device.

What points did Tim Sweeney talk about? The boss of Epic Games emphasized both the technical performance of the PS5 as in architecture. That causes the console to be so balanced.

What strikes us the most is that Sweeney points out that PC manufacturers should pay more attention to the Sony console so that they have a clear advance on a technical level.

Unreal PS5 Epic Games

Tim Sweeney's words are sure to echo in many PC and even Xbox Series X users, however it is somehow explained.

PS5: This is what Tim Sweeney of Epic Games said about the Sony console

For Sweeney, the PS5 it's a balanced console with a ‘immense GPU power’With bandwidth in their storage, which, according to the CEO of Epic Games, is critical:‘it is something that allows you to render everything that fits in memory, which can be tens of gigabytes in size’.

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PS5 storage architecture is far ahead of anything you can compare to PC“Tim Sweeney stated. Then he mentioned that computer manufacturers will see what Sony has done and learn what a solid state hard drive can be made of.

It's worth noting that Tim Sweeney isn't talking about potency, he's more focused on performance issues and how things are going to work on the PlayStation 5.

While the technical demo for Epic Games looked really remarkable, we still wait for PlayStation to show exclusive or, at a minimum, games from other developers running on the PS5.



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