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Outriders will be a dream for cooperative shooters




As promised, this Thursday the first Outriders transmission, where new information about this game was revealed. The streaming It lasted around 26 minutes. Specifically, what was shown was a game drop-in in cooperative.

The gameplay of First City revealed the powers of the Pyromancer. This had not been shared before, so it was a real surprise for many players.

The first OUTRIDERS Transmission was successful

Likewise, brand new hyper-evolved creatures appeared on the scene. To complement everything, details of the system were also given World tier, as well as what an unprecedented and immersive setting offers.

The team in charge of the game, which includes personnel from People Can Fly and Square-Enix External Studios, also shared his impressions. According Bartek Kmita ‘We are making the game we always wanted to play’.

Outriders: Square-Enix to reveal more next week

He is the creative director of Outriders in People Can Fly, a team full of experienced developers. In addition to what was mentioned before, he added ‘In the PCF team we are all gamers and we love shooters’


‘They are in our DNA and we have made them for decades. In turn, we also love RPGs ’, he claimed. He concluded his participation by saying ‘When the opportunity came to do it ourselves, it was like a dream come true’.

People Can Fly applies all its experience in its development

But this is just one of the broadcasts that you plan to do. Square-Enix. Actually, there will be others and they will be published every month before the game comes out.

It is a way to keep communication channels open with players, and share the news that this title offers. In the next installment there will be more details about the gameplay, the settings, the character classes and updates to move on.

Outriders is a new proposal of the genre of FPS or First Person Shooters, a type of game that is very popular in the West. Great exponents of this type of titles are Doom of id Software or Halo of Bungie studios.

People Can Fly is responsible for Painkiller and Bulletstorm, and it also had to do with Gears of War. Your experience will be useful to make unforgettable Outriders, which will come out in the holiday season this year.



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