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Rumor: Games coming to PS5 revealed and there are a couple of surprises




Sometime this summer, Sony you will have to reveal more details about the PS5, including games. As for that moment, it is normal for leaks of titles to come to light that should surprise us, but, in reality, they do not do it a bit.

The first thing you should know is that, supposedly, in less than a week we would have the first presentation of ads for PS5. This is a simple rumor, but it also works as a fire to generate expectation.

There is currently a list of 38 leaked games for PS5 of which there are some very obvious games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, FIFA 21, Godfall and Watch Dogs Legion.


Among the surprises, which seem more logical projects, appear Sniper Elite 5, another remaster of Skyrim, The Sims 5, Path of Exile 2 and more. Even, the list does not appear any Japanese developer, except Bandai Namco.

Surely we are not far from the reality of PS5 games, however, perhaps it is worth waiting for the first party titles that could also be announced soon.

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PS5: There are still many things to confirm

Yes, Sony has done everything possible to keep everything related to PS5 and that certainly worries fans. For this reason, a strong rumor is currently circulating about a presentation that will tell us the real future of the console.

In addition to the games we have to know the launch date and price that the console will have, in other words, the most important thing. For now, it is all rumors and speculation, as we have repeatedly marked, Sony is focused on The Last of Us: Part 2

and Ghost of Tsushima because they would be the last games of PS4.

The same and it is very repetitive, however, we only have to wait for the official announcements to come so that once and for all we know what is in store for the next generation of Sony Interactive Entertainmente consoles.

Do these leaks excite you? Don't forget to share your opinion in the comments.


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